Monday, October 24, 2011

Need Not Apply : Offensively Skilled Forwards

It's become apparent to The Mouth that if you aren't a proven big ticket free agent offensive talent Rangers coach John Tortorella is not going to play you.

The Mouth sometimes gets the feeling Tortorella would even bench Marian Gaborik and Brad Richards at times if not for fear of hearing it from Glen Sather.

In Tortorella's world every player must be a tenacious forechecker and back checker and get to the net with pucks. I guess that's a possible standard to strive during a playoff series, but to expect that over an 82 game NHL schedule is frankly hilariously insane.

Tortorella is so obsessed with being teacher and disciplinarian of what he calls Jam and Juice that he has forgotten that not every player is blessed with the cerebral mentality of a coach and that some are just gifted with an ability to hang around, score goals and make "pretty" plays. 

Not only does he discipline his players by giving them minutes they can count on one hand but he will at times publicly and on purpose ostracize them.

Recently he has insinuated that injured forward Wojtek Wolski is milking his injury status by saying " I can't even get him out of the tub."

His handling of Mats Zuccarello has been awful, Zuccarello has had tremendous success in the AHL but is never given the sufficient minutes or line mates that is needed for a true evaluation.

Ranger players that think offense first regardless of what you or The Mouth think of them are continually called out, remember when Michael Del Zotto was chewed out on the bench in front of 17,000 at Madison Square Garden ?

By the trading dealing if not sooner Wolski and Zuccarello will no longer be Rangers if Tort's has his way.

The Mouth in the following video explores this amongst other things as well as the mystery of all mystery's of why Eric Christensen an offensive type who produces no offense still remains on the big club's roster.