Monday, January 3, 2011

MSG Egghead Announcer John Giannone's "From The Side !" Video

I don't have anything against Ranger fill in announcer John Giannone personally , but as a collector of vintage Hockey videos and a ardent follower of the TV Hockey announcers from the 60's to present, John Giannone comes across as a monotone company guy with no real passion for the game or the team he has been affiliated with for forever.

He does have a couple advantages over regular Rangers play by play announcer Sam Rosen.

Unlike Toucan Sam, Giannone knows the names of players on the visiting teams and can keep up with the action instead of editorializing like Sam does while scoring chances are happening live on the ice.

He also isn't as follicley challenged like Sam, who for some reason won't remove that horrible rug from his dome.

But enough about Sam. John Giannone has decided that "From the side" is an actual area on NHL rinks. So a fellow Ranger fan from HF boards AOWRanger decided to make a video commemorating Johnny G's work.

The video is quote memorable and has become somewhat of a You Tube sensation.

I think you will like it and enjoy it, especially from the side !

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  1. sam rosen is the worst hockey announcer in the league. a real moron.