Thursday, January 13, 2011

Long Island Media Has No Hockey Sense and Why Should They ?

Long Island media has no hockey sense and why should they ? There is certainly is no hockey being played professionally on Long Island.

They have a NHL franchise that takes up space at the Nassau Mausoleum, a franchise that is a John Tavares and Matt Moulson away from being basically the Bridgeport Sound Tigers. 

The New York Islanders are a shambles and what makes things worse for them and their fans is that nobody cares in their community.

Their failed Lighthouse project tried to drum up support but nobody cared, Nassau County doesn't want their tax burden and could care about Charles Wang's proposals and idle threats to move.

Finally in this embarrassing demonstration below you can see on a local broadcast how much people care about the game of NHL hockey.

I'm pretty sure local Kansas City TV anchors will verse themselves a helluva a lot more in the great sport of Hockey then these Long Island Losers.

To get some added comedy watch the video full screen

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