Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Buffoon Call On Boogaard By NHL Referee Could Have Cost Mats Zuccarello his Career

Sometimes when I watch hockey nowadays, I know why the over forty crowd for the most part feels so disenfranchised with current day NHL hockey.

The game has now become a shell of it's former self as far as the physicality and intimidation part of the game goes. Most of the time the game is downright unrecognizable to what I and the over forty fans grew up with and embraced.

Gary Bettman has directed his insane clown posse of referees to basically neuter the NHL player from engaging in the rough and tumble gamesmanship that has made this sport incredibly fun to watch.

It particularly he has put the testicular clamp on the NHL player himself who wants to stand up for his teammates when he feels his fellow player is in trouble on the ice, the third man in penalty levy's heavy fines and missed games for all players that dare to come to a teamates aid when things get heated.

Now that the Mouth himself has finished his own editorial, lets get down to the incident in question that got his ire up yet again on this subject.

Last week, during a game between the Rangers and the Devils that took place at Madison Square Garden, Derek Boogard was given a misconduct on what amounted to a bump on Pierre LaBlonde before a face-off just outside the Devils Zone.

It was a silly penalty called by a silly referee named Chris Rooney. The video evidence of the horrific call below still has the Big Mans head shaking.

Ultimately and inadvertently as the video shows. Chris Rooney's buffoon call could have ended Mats Zucarello's NHL career when Pierre LaBlonde blatantly went for a knee on knee hit on the diminutive Norweigan forward.

Lablonde knew full well that Boogaard was still serving his ridiculous ten minute misconduct penalty, so decide to take liberties knowing their would be know repercussions.

The Mouth shares his passionate take on the play in the video below :

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Blueshirt Banter Radio A Cut Above The Rest : Tonight Special Tuesday Show 8PM !

On Saturday we did a live remote front of the Prudential Center and gave away a bunch of fantastic prizes to  Ranger fans in attendance including this Marc Staal jersey to Kristen, a rabid listener of the show as well as autographed pucks and other Ranger swag to other diehard fans of the show.

We did this all in celebration of the Wade Redden banishment to the AHL and also to show our appreciation to the loyal listeners of Blueshirt Banter Radio who simply put, have made the show the Internet Radio juggernaut that it is today.

Tonight we will be airing a special Tuesday edition of the show because of  tomorrows Rangers game against the Red Wings at the Garden.

Tonight's show starts at 8 PM

Jim and myself and more importantly you fans will be talking about the recent cuts of Mats Zuccarello and Evgeny Grachev and using our crystal balls to project who will be cut from the club after Wednesday's game.

We would love to hear from you on who you think will be cut or sent down to Hartford, so join the show which airs live over the Internet at 8 PM tonight.

The Phone Number to call in is  (646) 478-4692      

We also have the Blueshirt Banter Chat Room, a forum which is chock full of Ranger fanatics that really adds more punch to a broadcast that is already a bit "punchy." 

The Chat Room is the perfect forum to follow along with our two hour broadcast that streams live, commercial free, and uncensored. 

Blueshirt Banter Radio is the true voice of the New York Ranger fan so make sure you're there !

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Monday, September 27, 2010

Mouth Invades Prudential Center AKA : The New York Rangers Home Away From Home

The Mouth had a chance to visit The Prudential Center or as "The Pebble" as he likes to call it for a preseason game between his beloved Blueshirts and the New Jersey Devil Dogs.

Now The Big man isn't so hot on preseason Hockey but The Mouth wanted to be there for the first game in several years that Wade Redden wasn't on the clubs National Hockey League roster.

This is certainly was a cause to celebrate with other Ranger com padres, so if the Rangers arent playing at MSG, the best way to immediately commiserate with other Ranger fanatics is go to a Devils Home game when the are playing The Rangers !

It also served  as The Mouth's  first chance to get a look at the Devils at their semi- new building in Newark.

Once he arrived the chaos ensued, and it was all captured by The Big Man's unsteady camera work.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Tonight On Blueshirt Banter Radio Hockey's Future NYR Prospect Expert Leslie Treff

Last week Hockey's Future own Leslie Treff released her much anticipated and updated Fall rankings of all New York Ranger prospects.

On top of that prospect list was Chris Kreider who can be seen above pictured with The Mouth.

Leslie will give us her always informative and frank take on other hot prospects such as Stepan, McDonagh, Grachev.

Jim and The Mouth will do their best to get to your favorite prospect as they work down Leslie list of Ranger hopefuls.

Plus the fellas will talk about the first week of training camp, Chris Drury's injury as well as the emergence of the kinder gentler John Tortorella.

As always we take your calls and have a live chat room that make the wheels of the program go round and round as the show streams live..

 The Call in Number is (646) 478-4692

 Join us Live at 8 PM Tonight !

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Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Rod Gilbert : Formerly Part Of The Canadian Mercury Meteor Program

The Mouth certainly is no gear head, as a matter of fact when it comes to anything mechanical he is about a useless as teets on a bull.

So when he started to do some research on Rod Gilbert being the focus of a 1970 Television ad launching the Mercury Meteor automobile, The Big Man was forced to do fact finding on a unfamiliar subject.

Upon further investigation, he found out that in 1970 that there were absolutely no Mercury Meteor's available for purchase in the United States.

So the mini-mystery began.

When things like this happen The Mouth in a paranoid state will usually listen for clues in the audio of the commercial  for something he misheard originally.

But after about 20 minutes of watching this one minute commercial like a mental patient, The Mouth was convinced that the ad was from 1970 and the car indeed was a Mercury Meteor.

Riding further down into the information super highway via his PC, The Big Man found out the Mercury meteor was discontinued in 1963 by Mercury in the United States, but was still available to Canadian drivers until 1976.

So by brilliant means of deduction this is a 1970 Canadian Television ad for the Mercury Meteor, featuring none other than Ranger great Rod Gilbert.

Avery Picture Leaks Rangers Third Jersey For 2010-2011 Season

The news is a bit old in Rangerland but last week a Sean Avery picture surfaced with him wearing the much anticipated third jersey at a photo shoot that was suppose to make it's debut later this season.

Avery who is pictured above sporting the third jersey in The Mouth's opinion could be a dead ringer for Rivers Cuomo from the band Weezer.

The new third jersey is pretty much a replica of a uniform the Rangers had worn for many years up until the late 1970's.

The Blueshirts this year will be celebrating their 85th year in the National Hockey League,

Monday, September 13, 2010

Ranger Prospects At Traverse City : Land Of Gargantuans Or Lollipop Guild ?

There is no question the Rangers have a truckload of raw and talented prospects who are developing nicely. The majority of praise has to go to Gordie Clarke and his scouting staff for hand picking these promising young players,

If there is one thing that is particularly curious about the Ranger picks and prospects that are participating in this years Traverse City Tournament is the desparity in the height ranges of the smallest group of players and heights the biggest group players on the roster.

The Rangers have THREE players listed at Traverse as 5'9 ( Ryan Bourque, Christian Thomas, Kelsey Tessier) along with the diminutive Mats Zuccarello-Aasen who is not at Traverse but attending regular Ranger camp back in New York.

On the flip side the Rangers have FOUR young gargantuan prospects at the Tournament all listed at 6'4 (Dylan Mcilrath, Evgeny Grachev, Lee Baldwin, Randy McNaught).

But Regardless of height, this is a truly talented group.

Ryan McDonagh has been given the captaincy, which may be an indicator that he is going to be given a real shot at making the big club and Derek Stepan who also is making a serious run for a spot on the Rangers roster this year, so far at Traverse has shown great poise and at this moment is the tournaments leader in overall points.

The Mouth addresses the above and much more in the video below.:

Monday, September 6, 2010

Did Brandon Dubinsky Have a Good Year Last Season?

When The Mouth prepared himself for this video he had to ask himself this important question: "Do statistics lie?"  Because if we were to judge Brandon Dubinsky's 2009-2010 campaign purely on numbers, Brandon had a pretty good year.

Despite being injured and missing 13 games, and a self induced camp holdout Brandon managed to bang home 20 goals for the first time in his NHL career, despite playing in all 82 games the two previous years. He also led the Rangers in game winning goals with five.

After reviewing the stats Mouth has decided to take a second look at his assessment of Dubinsky's play last year, which at season's end The Big Man concluded was uneven and dispassionate at times.

On many occasions it seems Brandon elevates his games against division rivals but seems to disappear for stretches at a time against teams where there is no competitive ill will.

But after a few months of The Mouth distancing himself from the disappointing end to the Rangers season and the multitude of players who failed to produce offensively, perhaps Brandon Dubinky just might have had himself a good year and The Big Man missed it.

The Mouth hashes his thoughts out loud in the video below. 

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Dale Weise Joins The Mouth and Jim on Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight 8 PM

Dale Weise is the type of player Ranger fans are clamoring for. Dale is a  north-south player who has grit and determination and most importantly can put the puck in the net.

Dale scored 28 goals last year on a Wolf Pack team that really struggled with injuries.

Both the Mouth and Jim are looking forward to having Dale on the show before he heads to training camp with the Rangers.

Update : Dale Weise will not be joining us, Unfortunately he had to cancel.

The show starts at 8 PM.

The Call In Number  (646) 478-4692

To listen to the show Live or on Podcast Click Below :

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