Saturday, July 24, 2010

The Mouth Heads To Kansas City To Expedite Move For Failed Long Island Club

The Mouth will be away for two weeks as he heads to Las Vegas and then onto Kansas City and St.Louis.

His Las Vegas visit is purely for leisure, but The Mouth who considers himself a hockey ambassador of sorts cares so much about the NHL and it's image he will be heading to Kansas City on a mission of mercy.

He visits K.C with the specific intent of finding the failed NHL franchise New York Islanders a new home where fans can truly appreciate NHL hockey..

The Big Man in this humanitarian effort will try to relieve Islanders owner Charles Wang of his financial albatross as well as alleviate the misery of all players who currently are on the Islanders roster.

At present most experts agree that Islander players are lamenting every humiliating minute they play at home in Hempstead in front of empty seats and while a dragon mascot named "Sparky" walks the empty aisles.

The goal is to instill some hope in these NHL players that better days are yet to come.

In Kansas City these NHL players will have the opportunity to play in a state of the art building at the Sprint Center in front of enthusiastic crowds who will be far more hockey knowledgeable and needless to say, more well groomed.

The Mouth will be trying to drum up support by talking with Hockey fans in Kansas City and help them lure
the failed Islander franchise team there.

It's a grass roots effort and lets hope the people of K.C are receptive to the Big Man's push to find a floundering franchise a new home with supportive and loyal fans.

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More Solids-Less Stripes : Henrik Lundqvist's New Gear For The 2010-2011 Season

Yes ladies and gentleman it's that time of the year again. Where Henrik Lundqvist tosses the most abused goalie pads in the NHL aside and gets himself a whole new set to be abused this year.

Henrik, who is entering his second year with Bauer recently was seen sporting his new gear at a Bauer photo shoot with Boston Bruin first round pick and the NHL's second overall 2010 draft selection (middle picture) Tyler Seguin.

The Mouth surmises that Henrik requested to Bauer official to have the high flying Seguin take breakaway shots for 5 minutes at a time to simulate actual Ranger game conditions.

The new gear is a bit more colorful, especially the inside of the catching glove as well as Hank's blocker, both of them are now decorated predominantly in red.

For a comparative look at the difference between last years and this years pads. The Mouth provides a picture below of the goalie gear that Henrik wore last year for the 2009-2010 season.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Power Of Independent Editing : Rangers vs. Islanders November 13th 1979

A pretty important regular season game for both teams as the Rangers and Isles meet up at the Coliseum for the first time since the Blueshirts eliminated the Hempstead club at MSG in the 1978-1979 Semi-Finals.

The game features some new wrinkles both from the the ice and broadcast side.

Ed Westfall, the albatross who had been Hempstead's captain since the franchises beginning retired and was sent to the announcing booth to unleash his nasally drone to Hockey fans everywhere. Now with Westfall off the ice, the captaincy was given to Denise Potvin.

The Ranger in their second year under Fred Shero were battling big time injuries in this game and had such Ranger fly by nighters as Ray Markham and Warren Miller in the lineup in this game.

Doug Soetaert started in goal for the Rangers, but  gave up  TEN  goals before being replaced by backup Wayne Thomas. Billy Sieve along with his ridiculous toupee were between the pipes for the Nassau club.

On the broadcast end, this was the first regular season game that Rangers were allowed to broadcast from the Mausoleum with their own announcers. Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick called the action.

The Rangers played a very good first period and that was about it in this contest. The Mouth never a fan of the Hempstead franchise or it's imbecilic fans uses the power of Independent editing and does not show the Isles six goal second period. The Rangers lost this game 10-5.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Lots of Jacks in The NHL Goalie Deck but only One King : Henrik Lundqvist 2009-2010 Hi-Lite Video

The 2009-2010 season ended in disappointment for both the rangers and their fans, but one thing that remained a constant throughout the majority of the season and that was Henrik Lundqvist's superlative play.

It's not really a new storyline for the Blueshirts to nightly ask Henrik to bail them out during some pretty epic defensive breakdowns, but the offensive support is even worse.

The Rangers offense besides Marian Gaborik can be a complete snorefest for monthly stretches at a time it seems.

Last year for example other than at the first 10 games and the last 10 games the Rangers couldn't score enough to make any fan stay awake or not want to reach for the remote.

So the Mouth decided to pay tribute to the King of New York and add his two cents on what he would like to see the Rangers do to try and help Henrik get at least 10 shutouts and bring home the Vezina in the upcoming 2010-2011 campaign.

The video below was edited by the great LoFFen and in the intro The Mouths once again espouses his skewed thoughts.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ranger beat writer Rick Carpiniello Join Us On The Radio Show Tonight 8 PM

Tonight the Mouth talks with Ranger beat writer Rick Carpiniello of the Journal News and about what he thinks about this off season such as the Staal negotiations, ufa signings and if thinks the Rangers will be improved in the upcoming 2010-2011.

Should be a blast.

You can participate by either calling in at (646) 478-4692 or joining the live Blueshirt Banter Chatroom

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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Rangers Sign UFA Chaka from Land Of The Lost or Is that Land Of The Losses ? Martin Biron For Dummies Video

Glen Sather wasted no time in acquiring a back up goaltender in Martin Biron as soon as free agency commenced on July 1st and The Mouth feels it could be prove to be one of Sather's more lucid moves in recent memory.

It is however, a bit puzzling if you go back to Slat's press conference before the move when he said "We are looking for goaltenders that are Cadillac's but come at a Honda price."

The Mouth doesn't think Biron is a Cadillac at this stage in his career, but more of a Nissan Altima with 100,000 miles on it.

Biron was awful in the first half of last year, especially in shootouts, but did pick up his game late in the year and perhaps also being reunited with the goaltending coach of his youth will shore up his dependability between the pipes.

Benoit Allaire, who handles the Rangers netminders and who also coached Biron as a teen will hopefully help Marty find his once solid game.

Biron, who likes to chirp it up on the ice, comes at the right price at $900,000 per year so The Big Man says give him a whirl, albeit if it is just to negate the musical chair backup goaltending nonsense that we fans went through last year.

The Mouth as always gives his skewed version of the Biron signing in the video below :

Monday, July 5, 2010

Carnival Attraction w/ Zero Goals in Four Years Gets Four Year Deal : Derek Boogaard For Dummies Video

Glen Sather couldnt wait to unleash his stupidity on the free agency market on July 1st and although he didnt do anything too catastrophic (yet), the small dose of WTF he did dole out came in the form of the free agent signing of former Minnesota Wild goon and former Marian Gaborik teamate Derek Boogaard.

To understand the growing dementia let's rewind to last year enforcer debacle.

Slats in infinite wisdom decided "to get quicker" in last years UFA market by signing the horrific Donald Brashear and not re-sign a much younger and hard working Colton Orr.

Brashear ended up being a disaster, wound up in the minors and then enter Jody Shelley. Shelley, also a bit long in the tooth played admirably towards the end of the season.

After the season Shelley and his agent approached Sather about signing awith the Blueshirts. They were looking for a three year deal.

Always the shrewd negotiator, Sather felt three years for a 37 year old enforcer was too much at 1.1 Million per. So Instead, Mr. Magoo decided to go the enforcer youth movement route and sign the younger Boogaard who is 28 and lock him in for a ridiculous four years at 1.65 million per. 

Now the Rangers are saddled with 3+ million dollars of cap space dedicated to two players who will net about four minutes of ice time per game during the upcoming season.

The Mouth as always gives his verbose opinion on the video below :