Friday, April 30, 2010

The Last Time Phil Esposito Ever Got To Go Five Hole On His Brother. 12/14/80

The date was December 14th, 1980. The stage was the old Chicago Stadium. 11.000 fans unknowingly watched Phil Esposito facehis goaltending brother and fellow Hall of Famer Tony Esposito for the last time.

The Esposito's were different and still are. How many brothers get to fire shots and make sprawling saves on each other, no less in the NHL and for over 10 years ?

The Mouth with a few monkey wrench whacks to the Ranger Crisis Time Machine delivers to us the video of this noteworthy game,  a contest that certainly was not noteworthy at the time.

Nobody knew that Phil was going to retire after playing only 41 games in that 1980-81 season.

The game itself was a game where the Rangers couldn't get anything going until it was too late, which as we all know is still a frustrating trend that continues with this team thirty years later.

Besides the Espo and Tony O. final dance, there maybe even a more noteworthy gem captured in this clip.

The Crisis fan is treated to a rare viewing of an Ed Hospodar offensive foray that leads to him actually netting a goal.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Michael Del Zotto Is Loved By Attractive Women

The Mouth goes all TMZ on DMZ today as he features the women who have appeared in Michael Del Zotto's life over the past season. Apparently Michael doesn't do all his scoring on the ice but sometimes off it.

The first picture is of MDZ with figure skater Oksana Baiul who won a Gold Medal for the Ukraine in 1994. The two posed for a picture at City Ice Pavilion in Long Island City. 

The only thing that ruined that pic in the Mouth's opinion is that Blueshirts Divided banner in the background.

The black and white picture is of Michael featured in a fashion magazine with Victoria Secret model Raquel Zimmerman, the two had been rumored to have been together but since parted ways. 

But frankly, who the hell knows. 

The Mouth cant be worried about this esoteric fluff, he is hard at work trying to land Gene Carr (Ranger Player 1971-1974) as his next possible guest for his Radio show.

The third and final photo is Del Zotto locked in an amorous embrace with some unidentified young lady who looks a bit like Rachael Zimmerman, but with the naked eye the wanton woman seems too short to be Zimmerman, especially when you compare her to Michael.

At this point she remains a mystery woman, or it could indeed be Raquel Zimmerman. the height disparity could just be explained away by the fact MDZ is just wearing purple skates to go with that eye catching purple tie.

Friday, April 23, 2010

The Michael Del Zotto Hi-Lite Reel Of Extraordinary Magnitude

Michael Del Zotto at age 19 took his first step to becoming a premier NHL offensive defenseman this season, playing for a team who other than Marian Gaborik, didn't possess many creative players to pass the puck to.

Despite playing back line for a mostly inept Ranger offense, MDZ put up fantastic numbers in his first year in the big leagues.

Del Zotto scored nine times in his rookie NHL season and added twenty-eight helpers, finishing 7th overall n Rookie scoring and second overall in scoring for rookie defenseman.

The only D-man with better point totals is Calder finalist Tyler Myers who plays for the Sabres.

Now MDZ's game is not without it's flaws, his defensive play was at times erratic and reckless with positioning problems being the main reason for his somewhat worrisome -20 +/- rating.

Most of that was due to being thrust into the NHL earlier than expected combined with being saddled with a lot of ice time on a very troubled team.

The Mouth has no doubt Michael will improve and be an offensive asset for our Blueshirts for years to come.

The Mouth lends his commentary the video below until the action begins highlighting some MDZ's best work during the Rangers 2009-2010 season.

The Hi-Lite video was done by a terrific videographer and dedicated Ranger fan from Norway named LoFFen.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Rangers About To Sign Frodo From MODO.. Swedish Superstar Mats Zuccarello Aasen

                                                                         Through his network of contacts throughout the underbelly of the Rangers organization , The Mouth has learned The Rangers are about to cinch a deal with Swedish Elite League Star and 2010 SEL MVP Mats Zuccarello Aasen.

Most likely MZA will ink a modest deal with the Rangers, after the World Championships are over.

Now for the down side of the impending acquisition.

Aasen is small, as in HOBBIT small around 5'7 161 lbs. In the Mouth's opinion it's going to be extremely difficult to compete in the NHL being that diminutive

You also have to factor in that outlandish enormous rink the Swedes play on.

Mats may be more suitable for rod Hockey.

He surely wont dominate in the NHL, but with our Blueshirts so hard pressed against ceiling of the salary cap, you might as well give The Frodo from MODO a shot at making the team out of camp.

Also, Torts might need someone around him to make him look taller, so there's a good chance the deal will be finalized.

The Mouth lends his take on the Norwegian Hobbit Mats Zuccarello Aasen in the video..

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Mouth Finds Perfect Ranger Man Cave to Hide In During NHL Playoffs

The Big Man needs a Big Ranger man cave to sulk in while his beloved team and it's hot headed coach are coming up with different accusatory excuses daily of why they slept walked through about 60 games this year.

This video is about a diehard blueshirt fan Joe Bellestri, who starts off with a drab unfinished basement then courtesy of some remodeling show gets his basement re-done in total New York Ranger motif.

The shows host is NFL useless sideline reporter Tony "Goose" Siragusa who walks us through what The Mouth believes is the ultimate New York Ranger fan man cave.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Brendan Shanahan Jilts Mouth.. But Offers Up Wayne Gretzky as Uber Replacement Guest !

Brendan Shanahan will NOT be on the Blueshirt Banter Radio program tonight with The Mouth but instead Shanny who was apologetic about his not making it, has hooked The Big Man up with Wayne Gretzky !

Holy Manoli ! The Great one will be talking to our very own Mouth. There must be something really wrong in this universe or something awfully right for these two to actually share a conversation.

We also know Ranger fans have a lot to get off their chest about who to blame for this years debacle of a season as well need a viable platform to vent your frustrations, that's why we are here !

We have a LIVE CHATROOM that goes on during the show.

Fans, make sure you register so you can get your unique screename and be part of The Mouths Role call as the show steams live !

The Show airs live from 7PM-10 PM.

 To listen Click here :

The Mouth Talks with Wayne Gretzky on Blog Talk Radio

Monday, April 12, 2010

Brendan Shanahan Talks with The Mouth On Wednesday Night April 14th at 7 PM

Brendan Shanahan will be The Mouth's Guest on Blueshirt Banter Radio this Wednesday at 7 PM.

The Mouth is just chomping a the bit to ask Shanny about what went down with the Devils at the beginning of the this season.

The Big man also wants to get Brendan's opinion on some of the key players on the present day Rangers roster that Shanahan had the opportunity to play with two years ago.

The Program should be loads of fun, especially hearing from a player that is viewed with a lot of respect and admiration from Ranger fans.

We have a LIVE CHATROOM that goes on during the show.

Fans, make sure you register so you can get your unique screename and be part of The Mouths Role call as the show steams live !

The Show airs live from 7PM-10 PM.

 To listen Click here :

The Mouth Talks with Brendan Shanahan on Blog Talk Radio

Monday, April 5, 2010

1995-1996 Sucker Punch Soiree ! Plus..The Scoring Touch Of Niklas Sundstrom

Before we get to the on ice violence part of this show description one must take a good look at the Ranger player who has the honor of gracing this posts title. Niklas Sundstrom.  Perhaps forgotten by some but surely not The Mouth. 

Niklas Sundstrom was the kind of player you could compare to a modern day Petr Prucha. Sundstrom was selected in the first round by the Rangers with the eighth pick overall in the 1993 draft.  

Niklas showed a lot of promise early on especially offensively but somehow never managed to put it together in the NHL.

After Sundstrom's offense slowly declined after the 1996-1997 season. His game became more focused on defense and he never developed into the good two way player The Mouth and some Ranger fans thought he would.

The Big man even remembers Mark Messier saying that Sundstrom " Could develop into a Forsberg type."

The second part of the clip contains two sucker punches delivered by both a Ranger player and Leaf Player during a game played between the two on October 14th 1995. 

The first one is a nice glove sucker by Ranger Wayne Presley on Leafs captain Doug Gilmour. The other one is an all-time Pearl Harbor job by Tie Domi on Ulf Samuellson.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Really Went Down at the Mulcahy's Rangers Viewing Party Held Ten Miles From Mausoleum

The Mouth was on hand at this Ranger gathering that really was a slap to the Hempstead Club since it was held right smack in what they used to call Islander Country at a bar called Mulcahy's in Wantagh, NY.

Despite the bad weather, a nice crowd gathered to see the Rangers eventually beat the Hempstead Club but just barely, which enabled the Blueshirts to keep their dwindling playoff hopes alive.

Ex-Rangers Nick Fotiu, Ron Greschner and Pete Stemkowski were on hand and The Mouth got some interesting behind the scenes footage of Ron Greschner talking candidly to the super charged Ranger crowd.

Greschner also wholeheartedly endorsed the Potvin Sucks! chant which is captured on the video by the Big Man.

Another shining moment is that our very own Mouth made the live MSG broadcast as he can be seen showing his Ranger war face on the far right of the screen as the interview ends.

This Mouth sighting came following the Scott Lasky MSG interview of Fotiu and Greschner about the Denise Potvin hit on Ulf Nilsson.