Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monday Night Hockey 1980 : Barry Beck The Destroyer Of Men

Yes, Ladies and gentleman the NHL in the late 70's and early 80's attempted to introduce Monday Night Hockey via the syndicated route to fans all across America.

The game featured in the video is a contest that saw the Rangers host the Minnesota North Stars at Madison Square Garden on December 1st, 1980.

This telecast was a big deal in the city because other than in Manhattan , you were most likely never going to see a televised Ranger Home game. 

This game was broadcast on Channel 9 WOR, a channel that everyone in the metropolitan area could access.

Ranger home games simply weren't available through cable in the other Four boroughs at that time.  

Fortunately or unfortunately for The Mouth he grew up on Long Island and for some reason the Big Man got to see all the Rangers home games thanks to Suffolk Cablevision.

Of course Rangers fans couldn't wait for this particular  Monday Night contest in order to watch their beloved Rangers don the blue jerseys at home live inside Madison Square Garden.

One of the hi-lites of this game is a bone jarring hit delivered by Barry Beck on an unsuspecting Mike Eaves. 

Barry Beck was the hardest hitter in Ranger history, bar none.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dan Girardi Tests Positive For Estrogen While Gabby Gets Pummeled

The Mouth was so sick when he viewed this he nearly threw up several chocolate chip black and white cookies he consumed watching it with his fellow Ranger fans.

The Big man  was at the Foxwood Casino Viewing Party with about 300 other befuddled Ranger com-padres that was held on January 21st, 2010.

Rather than actually give you a description of what the Big Man thinks about the lack of respect for a fellow teammate that Daniel Girardi has concerning Marian Gaborik.

We here think the headline and the video pretty much sum up how The Mouth feels about the pummeling Gaborik got that night, while every Ranger watched.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Dan Blackburn On Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight Live w/ The Mouth and Jim

Dan Blackburn who's promising Ranger career was cut short by nerve damage in his shoulder, will join us live tonight to talk about his playing days as a Blueshirt and a whole lot more. It's hard to believe but Dan is only 26, even after all this time.

Dan is presently a goalie instructor who has recently been involved in teaching various youth goaltending clinics for the Rangers organization.

We will be taking you calls as always, stop on by and say hi to Dan.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Truth Machine Phil Esposito Crucifies Penguin's Moe Mantha: Rangers vs. Penguins 3/13/86

This broadcast in the Mouth's opinion is a real gem. The game is not so hot, although it does provide some rare footage of Blueshirt goals by both Raimo Helminen and Bobby Crawford. 

The clip is more about the frankness and absolute candor that Phil Esposito brought to the Rangers broadcast. I assure you Phil wasn't doing a shtick, this is the way Phil was and still is. 

Phil provides some real chuckles when he calls Moe Mantha "stupid" and seems to be obsessed with Moe Mantha's horrible plays rather than be focused on the two terrific goals, scored  by those two obscure Rangers that night. 

The Big man would also like you to take notice of Sam Rosen alluding to the Penguins setting their attendance record that year by averaging 12,000 people per game. 

A year which incidentally was Mario Lemieux's second season in the NHL

For you people scoring at home, the Rangers blew the two goal lead and the game wound up in a 2-2 tie.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Donald Brashear Suffers Excedrin Headache # 9 at Hands of Matt Carkner

The Rangers took on the Ottawa Senators last night in a game that was all around brutal to watch for a Ranger fan.

The game saw the Blueshirts go two consecutive games without scoring any goals and to add insult to injury, our geriatric enforcer Donald "The Big Rig" Brashear got his clock cleaned with one powerful shot to the kisser by Senator's fighter on skates Matt Carkner.

Before all you Ranger fans go screaming for Gigantor Colton Orr's help and how he would have dealt with Carkner, Orr basically met the same fate against Carkner on December 14th falling to the ice hard and heavy.

Although with one caveat Colton Orr had dismantled Carkner in a previous hook up on November 17th.

As per usual The Mouth calls the fight.

The Mouth & Jim w/ EX- Ranger Bob Brooke and NYR Prospect Guru Jess Rubenstein

The Wednesday Night show went off without a hitch as the program featured two terrific guests.

The show got off to a great start as Jess Rubenstein of The Prospect Park blog and Blueshirt Bulletin joined us to discuss the progress of our drafted players now playing in college and juniors.

Players discussed where Chris Doyle, Ethan Werek, Tomas Kundratek, Chris Kreider, Derek Stephan, and Ryan Bourque

Te second half of the hour we were joined by Bob Brooke who was instrumental in leading the Rangers all the way to the semi-finals in the 1985-1986 season.

Bob a former U.S Olympian, who played under Herb Brooks for two different NHL teams, shared stories of his time here as a Ranger as well as gave us some interesting thoughts on the game of hockey as it is played today.

To Listen to the Archived Podcast

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rangers Face Off Against Flyers Pre-Season 1982 : Sam Rosen's Hair Helmet In Regular Season Form

Back in the day, even Pre-Season Ranger vs. Flyers games had juice. Both fans of the respective teams and the players themselves just couldn't wait till the regular season to renew the rivalry, so they used pre-season games to settle old scores and even create new ones.

The Mouth cranks up the old crisis time machine and churns out an exhibition game that saw the Rangers take on the Flyers at Madision Square Garden from September 29th, 1982.

The entire game saw both teams playing a spirited and well played affair. All six goals scored by both teams on that night are shown as the Rangers came back from a 3-1 deficit to tie.

This broadcast also has a subtext of wacky hair. Check out Sam's hair helmet and Ron Duguay's Samoan wrestler perm.

P.A Parenteau to be Our Guest on Blueshirt Banter Radio after Devil game Tonight at 9:30 PM
Due to some cimcumstances beyond our control we couldn't hookup with P.A on this particular night, But what we did manage to do was hookup with some great Ranger callers. 

The fans were eager to talk about the Rangers focused effort in the 1-0 skills competition loss to the Devils that night

The Mouth apologizes for the internet inconvenience and hopefully we can get P.A on the show in the upcoming couple of weeks

To catch the broadcast live or archived click here

Blueshirt Banter Radio w/ The Mouth & Jim on Blog Talk Radio

Friday, January 8, 2010

Sean Avery " I Get Paid By Two Teams" Avery has last Laugh With Four Point Game vs. Dallas Stars

Sean Avery had his best game as a Ranger this season on Wednesday night against his former team the Dallas Stars. Sean had the ultimate revenge on a team that wanted him off their squad so badly last year, they gave him to the Rangers and then agreed to pay half his salary.

Sean had an awesome game, scoring one goal and adding three assists, recording his first four point game of his career.

The Mouth would like to thank Sean Avery for bringing to the game an attitude that is sorely missing from Rangers hockey and the NHL in general and it's called emotion.

Dallas was off their game from the start because of Avery, even before Sean started working his black magic.

James Neal a terrific player for Dallas elbowed Lundqvist early in the first rather than concentrating on scoring which Neal does best.

He and Brad Richards were pre-occupied with Avery the whole game. The Stars were itching to start trouble, instead of concentrating on the task at hand.

This is when Sean Avery is at his finest. He is a game changer, and The Big Man feels let him loose, no matter what the consequences are during the game or after. On most nights you are going to come up smelling like roses.

After the game Sean did not disappoint with the quotes.

It wasn't as toxic as his infamous "Sloppy Seconds" or "Jarome Iginla is boring", but The Mouth is sure after watching the video it will provide Ranger fans with a chuckle.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Ranger Rally Pregame Show Starts at 5:30 PM EST : Dallas Stars On Broadway

As you know by now the Mouth hosts the best New York Ranger Pre-game show on planet earth. Tonight show is no different as this edition of Blueshirt Banter Radio's Ranger Rally adventures into uncharted waters of Ranger discussion.

No player charity fluff pieces  here folks !

The Mouth spews forth right up till game time at 7PM when the Rangers take on the Dallas Stars.

Now that the Team USA has claimed gold in the World Junior Championships (as The Mouth predicted) combined with his beloved Rangers actually winning a home game on Monday Night against the Boston Bruins, to say the very least the Big Man is revved and ready to go.

Please join us in this can't miss, pregame show.

To Listen Click here on Blog Talk Radio

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Ex-Ranger John Ogrodnick On Our Radio Show Tonight at 8 PM

Former Ranger John Ogrodnick joins The Mouth and Jim Tonight On Blueshirt Banter Radio. John had a pretty formidable goal scoring season with The Rangers in 1989-1990 scoring 43 goals. Johnny O. in his career wound up with a total of 402 NHL goals. This ranks John up there with some of the highest scoring Left Wings of all time.

In our Hartford Wolf Pack Spotlight, brought to you by Crossroads Consulting, our friend Mitch Beck of will be bringing us a special guest in Hartford Wolf Pack agitator Devin DiDiomete. The rough and tumble DiDiomete has amassed 71 Penalty Minutes in only 17 games.

This promises to be a great show of both past and present Ranger talk, You can show the live at 8 PM or listen to the podcast by clicking here :

Blueshirt Banter w/ The Mouth & Jim on Blog Talk Radio

Monday, January 4, 2010

Rangers Show No Mercy April 27th 1986 : MSG Crowd Whipped Into Ape Frenzy

In a galaxy far, far away almost 25 years ago. Madison Square Garden Rocked before Mark Messier, and Brian Leetch even got a chance to.

They don’t talk about it much on MSG network because as far as they are concerned Ranger History started n 1994. That’s why we have The Mouth. To crank up the time machine and bring us these gems.

This video provided is one of the loudest, raucous Ranger games in history. The game took place on April 27th,1986 as the Rangers took on the Washington Capitals in Game Six of the Patrick Division Finals.

Enjoy watching, John Vanbeisbrouk make spectacular saves and marvel at the mighty Pierre Larouche who single handily sends the MSG crowd into a complete and utter ape frenzy.

It was one of those rare Nights the Rangers showed No Mercy and sent the Washington Capitals to the golf course.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Pictures Of Sean Avery and Girlfriend Hilary Rhoda Skating At Central Park Rink


A couple days ago The Mouth reported that Sean Avery invited Sports Illustrated swimsuit model Hilary Rhoda to the Rangers Christmas party in Central Park, and the two lovebirds later went for a skate on Wollman Rink.

Above are the pics of said rendezvous.