Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sean Avery KO's Ladislav Smid : Afterwards In Dressing Room Erik Christensen Pulls a Fredo.

Recently The Mouth has noticed that any time a Player gets hit viciously along the boards whether it be legal or illegal, the team of the victimized player takes it upon themselves to start World War III.

Last Sunday on November 14th, during a Ranger drubbing of the young upstart Oilers, Sean Avery flattened Oiler Colin Fraser with a tough legal check.

For some reason Fraser's teammate Ladislav Smid decided to drop the gloves with Sean Avery to avenge what really was just a clean hard hit.

What transpired on the ice after that everybody and their mother has an opinion on.

It also appears that even off ice opinions ran strong as Avery's fellow teammate and resident Ranger lack of confidence headcase Erik Christensen told both TV and Ranger beat reporter "Dancin" Larry Brooks that Avery sucker punched Smid.

The Mouth breaks the whole altercation down in usual skewed fashion and even includes the hard to find footage of Christensen speaking to Rogers Sports Net about the Avery decking of Ladislav Smid.


  1. What I don't understand ... how can Avery's throw be considered a sucker-punch when Smid was STARING AT HIM when Avery dropped the gloves? Smid was looking at Avery and he dropped his gloves - what did he think Avery was going to do, kiss him?

  2. dude you are as big a jackass a avery this is his typical BS and that is why you cut him. Pull your head out of your Ass