Monday, September 27, 2010

Mouth Invades Prudential Center AKA : The New York Rangers Home Away From Home

The Mouth had a chance to visit The Prudential Center or as "The Pebble" as he likes to call it for a preseason game between his beloved Blueshirts and the New Jersey Devil Dogs.

Now The Big man isn't so hot on preseason Hockey but The Mouth wanted to be there for the first game in several years that Wade Redden wasn't on the clubs National Hockey League roster.

This is certainly was a cause to celebrate with other Ranger com padres, so if the Rangers arent playing at MSG, the best way to immediately commiserate with other Ranger fanatics is go to a Devils Home game when the are playing The Rangers !

It also served  as The Mouth's  first chance to get a look at the Devils at their semi- new building in Newark.

Once he arrived the chaos ensued, and it was all captured by The Big Man's unsteady camera work.


  1. F the Devils! I hope you washed yourself with industrial soap when you got home, mouth!

  2. I got a question for Chico:

    Hey Chico, why are you such an effin' homer?