Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Buffoon Call On Boogaard By NHL Referee Could Have Cost Mats Zuccarello his Career

Sometimes when I watch hockey nowadays, I know why the over forty crowd for the most part feels so disenfranchised with current day NHL hockey.

The game has now become a shell of it's former self as far as the physicality and intimidation part of the game goes. Most of the time the game is downright unrecognizable to what I and the over forty fans grew up with and embraced.

Gary Bettman has directed his insane clown posse of referees to basically neuter the NHL player from engaging in the rough and tumble gamesmanship that has made this sport incredibly fun to watch.

It particularly he has put the testicular clamp on the NHL player himself who wants to stand up for his teammates when he feels his fellow player is in trouble on the ice, the third man in penalty levy's heavy fines and missed games for all players that dare to come to a teamates aid when things get heated.

Now that the Mouth himself has finished his own editorial, lets get down to the incident in question that got his ire up yet again on this subject.

Last week, during a game between the Rangers and the Devils that took place at Madison Square Garden, Derek Boogard was given a misconduct on what amounted to a bump on Pierre LaBlonde before a face-off just outside the Devils Zone.

It was a silly penalty called by a silly referee named Chris Rooney. The video evidence of the horrific call below still has the Big Mans head shaking.

Ultimately and inadvertently as the video shows. Chris Rooney's buffoon call could have ended Mats Zucarello's NHL career when Pierre LaBlonde blatantly went for a knee on knee hit on the diminutive Norweigan forward.

Lablonde knew full well that Boogaard was still serving his ridiculous ten minute misconduct penalty, so decide to take liberties knowing their would be know repercussions.

The Mouth shares his passionate take on the play in the video below :


  1. buffonery..Loony Skip Roony is in mid season form..
    That was as weak as it gets....JOKE!

    Hi C

  2. Go to and watch the Weise/Visorguy Foligno fight. Notice the sucker-punch thrown at 1:51 by #36 David Hale. That's when Visorguy jumps in on an off-balance Weise. From there on it only gets worse.