Monday, July 5, 2010

Carnival Attraction w/ Zero Goals in Four Years Gets Four Year Deal : Derek Boogaard For Dummies Video

Glen Sather couldnt wait to unleash his stupidity on the free agency market on July 1st and although he didnt do anything too catastrophic (yet), the small dose of WTF he did dole out came in the form of the free agent signing of former Minnesota Wild goon and former Marian Gaborik teamate Derek Boogaard.

To understand the growing dementia let's rewind to last year enforcer debacle.

Slats in infinite wisdom decided "to get quicker" in last years UFA market by signing the horrific Donald Brashear and not re-sign a much younger and hard working Colton Orr.

Brashear ended up being a disaster, wound up in the minors and then enter Jody Shelley. Shelley, also a bit long in the tooth played admirably towards the end of the season.

After the season Shelley and his agent approached Sather about signing awith the Blueshirts. They were looking for a three year deal.

Always the shrewd negotiator, Sather felt three years for a 37 year old enforcer was too much at 1.1 Million per. So Instead, Mr. Magoo decided to go the enforcer youth movement route and sign the younger Boogaard who is 28 and lock him in for a ridiculous four years at 1.65 million per. 

Now the Rangers are saddled with 3+ million dollars of cap space dedicated to two players who will net about four minutes of ice time per game during the upcoming season.

The Mouth as always gives his verbose opinion on the video below :

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  1. Hey Mouth -- we overpaid, no question, but you gotta admit that, unlike Brashear (coming off the Betts incident), The Garden is going to love this guy and somewhere Slats is saying 'if you can't beat him, beat the shit out of 'em'... Another difference is that Boogey is the greatest NHL deterrent on any team --- he had limited fights last year because no one WANTS to fuck with him. Though, Colton Orr will not have a chance to not fight opening homer in October -- the place where Boogey will establish his fist-throne of MSG.

    Great stuff...keep up the good work.