Monday, June 28, 2010

The Mouth Takes Manhattan : The Big Man Live At Rangers Draft Party 2010

The Mouth gives pretty good tip of the old hat to the Rangers for hosting a pretty good Draft Party shindig at the sports bar The Hill last Friday night.

The Hill was jam packed with psychotic Ranger devotees who were there frenzying and verbosely stating their cases for each his/her own personal favorites for the Blueshirts to pick at number ten.

Amidst the frenetic energy of the Ranger fans were also three of last years 2009 draftees Ethan Werek, Chris Kreider, and Ryan Bourque who were all in attendance being introduced to the fans.

All three young men were well received and terrific in their own right signing autographs and posing for pictures with the fans.

The video below gives the viewer a pretty good idea of how intense things were at the draft party, especially as the draft progressed and things reached a fever pitch when highly rated defenseman Cam Fowler fell right into the Rangers lap at the number ten spot.

In typical fashion the Rangers bucked convention and chose Dylan Mcilgrath, a selection which turned the happy go lucky crowd into a pitch fork waving mob.

All of it captured on video for your perusal.


  1. LMAO! Eddie this is by far your best video yet! That was one of the best 5:27 of my life. HAHAHA

  2. Figures there are so few Rag fans in Manhattan they could fill pack half a bar of Yankees fans.

    New York City's real team had a few thousand at the Coliseum to watch Garth make a fool out of Sather, Messier again.

    If there was alcohol you can bet Leetch was there after falling in the gutter drunk in 93. Does he still need Potvin to carry him like when you begged for him in 94. LOL.

    Garth's holding another seat for Sather to attend our playoff games next year.

    Just contract the joke Rags and beg Islander fans to go to Msg so you can actually come close to one or two real sellouts.