Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rangers Beat Winnipeg Jets In Sloppiest Defensive NHL Game Ever Played


Now, The Mouth may be overstating things a bit but it looks like both starting goaltenders could sue their defenses for lack of support as some colossal back line buffoonery can be seen on both sides of the ice.

This game took place On November 8th 1985 in Winnipeg in front of a lot Rangers friends and family.

The main culprit for the Rangers is actually one of my faves Reijo "Rexy" Ruotsalainen who on this night was abysmal and equally putrid were the Winnipeg Jet's blueline pair of Jim Kyte and Randy Carlyle, who also played like they had blindfolds on.

This game was really a chore to watch in its entirety for The Big Man as it was a sloppily played affair full of bad defensive play and choppy action. But of course always caring about the Ranger Crisis viewer The Mouth edited it down nicely to 10 minutes of Whaaaa ?? 

The game took place at the Winnipeg Arena and by the looks of it, not many people liked to actually stand when the Jets would score a goal. 

I think they even knew half of them were gimmes.


  1. grabachev/mike in iaMay 11, 2010 at 8:42 AM

    great vid mouth!! was just a tiny tot playin toy dinosaurs when this game was played, but love watching the rangers actually score goals! do remember ogrodnick,erixon,nicholls,patrick,leetch,kisio,sandstrom,nemchinov,kjell not ulf, sauelsson, granato,ridley!! but wow would these guys be able to score like this in todays fast paced nhl?? bigger players,tougher, better goalies, everything?? idk. thanks for the nostalgic video!

  2. I think the short answer is probably not Mike. The goalies today have aero dynamic gear, and are superb athletes who have had goalie coaches since they were kids. The game is light years faster.

    But would a player today survive back then physically or be allowed to deliver a headshots or dive ?

    No way the players policed themselves and you payed the price when you took runs at players.