Saturday, May 8, 2010

Michael Del Zotto & Brian Boyle Attend House Party That Has Horrible Beer.

It's a good The Mouth isn't in law enforcement or he would have bribed his way to free Ranger season tickets by holding these incriminating photos as evidence that 19 year old Michael Del Zotto had been imbibing beer underage.

But what both MDZ and his wing man, fellow Ranger Brian Boyle should be convicted of is actually drinking one of the most heinous beers imaginable Natural Light.

Natural Light, which is the official beer of no budget frat parties everywhere, is a tasteless water-downed alcoholic beverage that most likely had MDZ crapping in his pants faster than as if he had Sidney Crosby baring down on him one on one.


  1. It's understandable when you are 19 and broke to be drinking that crap, but not when you make a decent, albeit low end NHL salary.

    I would also question the extremely cheap looking (not to mention fugly) sunglasses he is wearing.

    And you're right, he looks more like Samberg every day.

    Maybe him and Wade Redden could do a parody of "dick in the box".....the possibilities for comedy are endless.

  2. Mouthie,

    Those photos were taken in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts at the Boston College mods (dorm area).

    It's like a frat party except there are no Greeks (fraternities or soroities) allowed at Catholic Colleges.

    I do believe it is still illegal to drink in Massachusetts if you are under 21 but I'll bet it never stopped the Kennedys, Teddy anyway.;)

  3. Thanks Margret for the clarification. It's much appreciated.