Thursday, April 1, 2010

What Really Went Down at the Mulcahy's Rangers Viewing Party Held Ten Miles From Mausoleum

The Mouth was on hand at this Ranger gathering that really was a slap to the Hempstead Club since it was held right smack in what they used to call Islander Country at a bar called Mulcahy's in Wantagh, NY.

Despite the bad weather, a nice crowd gathered to see the Rangers eventually beat the Hempstead Club but just barely, which enabled the Blueshirts to keep their dwindling playoff hopes alive.

Ex-Rangers Nick Fotiu, Ron Greschner and Pete Stemkowski were on hand and The Mouth got some interesting behind the scenes footage of Ron Greschner talking candidly to the super charged Ranger crowd.

Greschner also wholeheartedly endorsed the Potvin Sucks! chant which is captured on the video by the Big Man.

Another shining moment is that our very own Mouth made the live MSG broadcast as he can be seen showing his Ranger war face on the far right of the screen as the interview ends.

This Mouth sighting came following the Scott Lasky MSG interview of Fotiu and Greschner about the Denise Potvin hit on Ulf Nilsson.


  1. I could Imagine you Heckling the crowds and be a wrecking ball of Destruction during some Breakdown/Killing Time sets at CBGB's back in the day.

  2. The Rags have enough problems getting anyone to notice them in Manhattan. Sure sounded as usual like an Islander's home game with all our fans mocking you out of that announced sellout Garden at two of the three games at Nassau Coliseum west this season.

    Just be grateful New York Islander fans all over New York City you post your few real sellouts of the season.

  3. Thank you Hempstead fans for Your hard earned SSI dollars !

  4. Jonathan i think you of all people know what that music can do to you. it's hard to explain to anyone who never got into it. it's primal and aggressive and an adrenaline rush. it also made people like myself a target of " lets take out the fat crazy guy" lol