Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Michael Del Zotto Is Loved By Attractive Women

The Mouth goes all TMZ on DMZ today as he features the women who have appeared in Michael Del Zotto's life over the past season. Apparently Michael doesn't do all his scoring on the ice but sometimes off it.

The first picture is of MDZ with figure skater Oksana Baiul who won a Gold Medal for the Ukraine in 1994. The two posed for a picture at City Ice Pavilion in Long Island City. 

The only thing that ruined that pic in the Mouth's opinion is that Blueshirts Divided banner in the background.

The black and white picture is of Michael featured in a fashion magazine with Victoria Secret model Raquel Zimmerman, the two had been rumored to have been together but since parted ways. 

But frankly, who the hell knows. 

The Mouth cant be worried about this esoteric fluff, he is hard at work trying to land Gene Carr (Ranger Player 1971-1974) as his next possible guest for his Radio show.

The third and final photo is Del Zotto locked in an amorous embrace with some unidentified young lady who looks a bit like Rachael Zimmerman, but with the naked eye the wanton woman seems too short to be Zimmerman, especially when you compare her to Michael.

At this point she remains a mystery woman, or it could indeed be Raquel Zimmerman. the height disparity could just be explained away by the fact MDZ is just wearing purple skates to go with that eye catching purple tie.


  1. according to the ever-accurate wikipedia, raquel is 5'10 and mdz is 6'1...there's no way that girl he's kissing is wearing flats (not with that dress at least) which makes your questioning of height valid

  2. Wow, he's 19 years old and nailing the supermodels already!

  3. what an ass.. this kid is a turd

  4. That ass slept with my girlfriend. Years before i met her. But still...