Thursday, March 18, 2010

Irish Ranger Player Banners Fly At Old Maple Leaf Gardens : Rangers vs. Leafs 2/24/79

This is about as close as a St. Patrick day themed video as you're gonna get from The Mouth. In this case it might be a reach, but here goes.

In this game the Rangers fan club made the road trip to Toronto and the Blueshirt fans proudly displayed their banners all over Maple Leaf Gardens, showing their love for their favorite Ranger players.

The player banners just so happened to be dominated by Ranger players of Irish lineage.

Dave Maloney, Don Maloney, Don Murdoch, Pat Hickey

But besides the iffy St. Patrick's Day tie in of this video, the game is an interesting one for several reasons.

First and foremost. It's a Hockey Night In Canada broadcast featuring legendary Hockey announcers Bill Hewitt and his color commentator Brian McFarlane calling the game both whom have been inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame for their broadcasting.

The video has some neat shots of The Maloney Brothers serving minors together in the penalty box while their parents watch on from the stands.

Also, Don Murdoch after serving his 40 game suspension that year has a terrific game, scoring a couple of goals and notching an assist.


  1. Ah, those were the days! We were all young then. Pat Hickey was better looking then Duguay. I prefer blonds.


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