Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Rangers Face Off Against Flyers Pre-Season 1982 : Sam Rosen's Hair Helmet In Regular Season Form

Back in the day, even Pre-Season Ranger vs. Flyers games had juice. Both fans of the respective teams and the players themselves just couldn't wait till the regular season to renew the rivalry, so they used pre-season games to settle old scores and even create new ones.

The Mouth cranks up the old crisis time machine and churns out an exhibition game that saw the Rangers take on the Flyers at Madision Square Garden from September 29th, 1982.

The entire game saw both teams playing a spirited and well played affair. All six goals scored by both teams on that night are shown as the Rangers came back from a 3-1 deficit to tie.

This broadcast also has a subtext of wacky hair. Check out Sam's hair helmet and Ron Duguay's Samoan wrestler perm.

P.A Parenteau to be Our Guest on Blueshirt Banter Radio after Devil game Tonight at 9:30 PM
Due to some cimcumstances beyond our control we couldn't hookup with P.A on this particular night, But what we did manage to do was hookup with some great Ranger callers. 

The fans were eager to talk about the Rangers focused effort in the 1-0 skills competition loss to the Devils that night

The Mouth apologizes for the internet inconvenience and hopefully we can get P.A on the show in the upcoming couple of weeks

To catch the broadcast live or archived click here

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  1. Even with no PA or Mandar, This was one of my favourite episodes. Fantastic, Realistic Hockey talk.

    I've also been listening to I, Spoiler by Sheer Terror thinking how this should be the song for the next Islanders party crash.

    'I'll Ruin it fer ya, Coz I am the Spoiler'

  2. Jonathan Sheer Terror Oh The memories of my youth ! I remember the lead singer demanding Jagermeister before every song when I saw them live.

    I'm gonna download that song now. I forgot all about it. Thanks !

  3. Mouth you didn't even mention the Flyers playing in their slacks!

  4. I love the whole 80's NYHC scene, Some of the best hardcore came from that period. Lately there has been some heavily NY inflenced bands starting up and its great to be able to hear.

    When were you in and about the Hardcore scene?