Thursday, January 28, 2010

Monday Night Hockey 1980 : Barry Beck The Destroyer Of Men

Yes, Ladies and gentleman the NHL in the late 70's and early 80's attempted to introduce Monday Night Hockey via the syndicated route to fans all across America.

The game featured in the video is a contest that saw the Rangers host the Minnesota North Stars at Madison Square Garden on December 1st, 1980.

This telecast was a big deal in the city because other than in Manhattan , you were most likely never going to see a televised Ranger Home game. 

This game was broadcast on Channel 9 WOR, a channel that everyone in the metropolitan area could access.

Ranger home games simply weren't available through cable in the other Four boroughs at that time.  

Fortunately or unfortunately for The Mouth he grew up on Long Island and for some reason the Big Man got to see all the Rangers home games thanks to Suffolk Cablevision.

Of course Rangers fans couldn't wait for this particular  Monday Night contest in order to watch their beloved Rangers don the blue jerseys at home live inside Madison Square Garden.

One of the hi-lites of this game is a bone jarring hit delivered by Barry Beck on an unsuspecting Mike Eaves. 

Barry Beck was the hardest hitter in Ranger history, bar none.

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  1. Ah, those were the days. I probably watched this game live. A time of transition - guys like Espo (and my buddy, CAROL Vadnais) were winding down, with youngsters like Mike Allison (19), Dugay, Don Maloney coming up.

    Barry Beck is one of my favorite all time Rangers. Seeing this reminds me of why we need a player like him right now....badly.