Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Chris Kreider Rangers #1 Draft Pick To Talk with The Mouth Today at 1:30 PM

The Mouth and his radio partner Jim Schmiedeberg will get a chance to interview USA World Junior Chris Krieder, fresh off his hat trick against Latvia on Tuesday.

Chris was the Rangers number one pick in last years draft and was selected 19th overall. Chris currently attends Boston College.

The Mouth will talk to Chris about a myriad of subjects, including Chris's outstanding efforts and the great play of other Ranger prospects such as Derek Stepan, Ryan Bourque so far in the tournament, where team USA has looked sharp.

The show airs at a special time today Wednesday 12/30 at 1:30 and comes one day before the big game against the Canadian World Junior Team, boy would The Mouth love to see USA beat Canada.

The 3-0 Americans will take on 3-0 Canada at 7 p.m. Thursday. The winner will get a bye into the semifinals, while the loser has to play a quarterfinal game.

To catch it on the podcast Click here :

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Wolfpack's Dale Weise To Talk With The Mouth & Jim Tonight

Tonight at 8 PM On Blueshirt Banter Radio The Mouth & Jim will be talking to Dale Weise, a 22 year old Right Winger who is currently playing for the Rangers AHL affiliate Hartford Wolfpack.

Dale was the Rangers 4th Round Pick in 2008. be sure to tune in and learn about Dale who a lot of Ranger fans think should be up with the Big club right now.

The Interview was arranged by our good friend Mitch Beck over at the Wolfpack's Unofficial Blog "Howlings." Mitch will also be joining us on the show.

To tune into the show live or on Podcast

Monday, December 28, 2009

Sean Avery Has a New Girlfriend Her Name is Hilary Rhoda

The Mouth is getting all TMZ on us as he is reporting through his not so secret sources that the Rangers pugnacious Sean Avery is dating 22 year old model Hilary Rhoda.

Although The Mouth's posts are usually used to speculate on hockey trades and such, the Big man has decided to go all Liz Smith on us.

It seems Sean Avery has been previously seen with Ms. Rhoda in past months hitting the NYC bars and just most recently took Hilary as his date to the Ranger Christmas party held in Central Park.

Sean was seen later canoodling with the Sports Illustrated swimsuit model at Wollman Rink.

Feeling all festive, The Mouth delivers a video introducing this fine young lass to all the Ranger and Sean Avery fans out there.

Which for the most part are all one in the same.

Tomorrow night The Mouth and Jim talk to Dale Weise, a rugged winger who plays currently for the Ranger AHL affiliate the Hartford Wolfpack. Dale is the type of player who a lot of fans think should be up with the Rangers right now. The show starts at 8 PM. As always we take phone your calls.

Catch it live or on the Podcast here

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Blueshirt Banter Radio Ranger Rally : Rangers vs. Panthers 12/23

Blueshirt Banter Radio Ranger Rally Program : 90 Jam packed Minutes of Ranger pre-game discussion and infotainment that took you up to game time of the Rangers/Panthers game that took place on December 23rd.

Subjects that were discussed : Rozsival's improved play, Avery's Pest Level, Chris Drury's awakening from his slumber and many other hot button issues

Listen to Podcast of The Mouth and Mandar on this live Pre-game Broadcast that saw the Rangers win 4-1 !

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Moe, Larry & Schremp : Rangers On Three Stooges Winning Streak after Clobbering Islanders

On December 17th the New York Rangers waylaid the Hempstead club with a Five goal barrage the likes of which no Rangers fan has seen since November 23rd’ victory against the Columbus Blue Jackets at MSG where the Rangers scored an unfathomable seven goals.

Anytime the Rangers can get any kind of secondary scoring it’s worth a special video in the Mouth’s opinion, so he conjured up one for us.

Since the Rangers five goal outburst against the floundering fish sticks the Rangers have won two in a row against some weak opponents, but at least the most pessimistic Ranger fan now has the feeling that this Ranger team may be bad, but not Carolina bad.

The Mouth lends his commentary to the five goal video

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Dateline... Bizarro World : Michal Rozsival a Hero & Chris Drury a Hot Commodity

Tonight the Mouth and his alternate universe self (shown above) do battle as the Islanders come to the Garden to faceoff against the Rangers.

The Mouth will be hosting a special Pre-Game 90 minute Blueshirt Banter Radio Ranger Rally program. Tonight's game is war !

Join the Mouth as he amps up himself and his listeners for this big game against the Islanders.

Showtime starts at 5:30 PM and Runs till 7 PM

To join the Mouth and Listen to the show

In a playoff game that took place between the Rangers and Buffalo Sabres in 2007 that at present many would consider took place in bizzaro world,  Michal Rozsival was a Ranger hero, and Chris Drury was an opposing player every team including the Blueshirts would have loved to have.

Three years later these hero’s are zero’s and at present, the Rangers can’t get these players out of town fast enough.

The game in question took place on April 29th, 2007 at Madison Square Garden and was an exciting Double overtime Game 3 affair in which the Rangers won on a Michal Rozsival goal while then Buffalo Sabre Chris Drury was winning face-offs and doing all the things that at the time made him a hot commodity.

Even with that said, this is definitely won of the Biggest wins since Glen Sather has been the GM, and the perfect rallying video for the Rangers to wake up and win against the Hempstead club tonight.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

March 4th 1981 Rangers vs. Edmonton 5-5 Tie : Gretzky's 45th, Amirante is 45 & Slats is 37

On March 7th 1981, The Rangers played host to Wayne Gretzky and The  Edmonton Oilers, the Oilers fourth visit to Madison Square Garden ever.

The game video featured below provides us with an excellent look backward at what has turned out to be some present day New York Ranger staples.

The first of which is Ranger singer John Amirante. Amirante is shown belting out both national anthems at the spry age of 45, John is now 74.

We also get to see a youthful 37 year old Glen Sather coaching behind the Oiler Bench. Slats is now 66.

The game itself is no goaltending duel. Ranger Goaltender Steve Baker is bad and Oiler goalie Ed Mio is hapless.

Gretzky is dominant as usual and makes Ranger goaltender Steve Baker look like he chose the wrong profession, as we see when Baker reacts like a pick up hockey goalie on a Gretzky breakaway.

The game is full of some meanness and roughness as well. Ranger Crisis friend Chris “Kotsy” Kotsopoulos is seen mixing it up with Edmonton’s Mark Messier and then later jawing it up with Dave Hunter.

The verbal sparring between Hunter and Kotsy starts soon after Rangers goaltender Steve Baker delivers a pretty vicious butt end to the Oilers Dave Lumley right near the side of the goal mouth.

The game ends in a 5-5 tie, but it really was a game the Rangers let slip away. The Rangers were up 5-3 late into the third but gave up two goals with under five minutes left in the game and barely held on for the tie.

Tonight On Blueshirt Banter Radio At 8 PM, Leslie Treff of Hockey's Future to discuss about how the Rangers youth is progressing both on the farm and on the big club. Leslie as most of you know is one of the go to people as far as Ranger prospects and youth goes.

Also tonight, friends of the show Russ Cohen and Adam Raider stop by in what always turns out to be a fun and heated discussion about Ranger hockey. It's worth the listen it just ot hear the Mouth argue with XM Radio's Russ Cohen alone. Both Russ and Adam have written a wonderful book along with John Halligan entitled Ranger 100 greats.

To listen to the show Click this :

Friday, December 11, 2009

Gilles Villemure's First Start Of The 1970-71 Season : Rangers vs. Maple Leafs 10/17/70

Gilles Villemure, who was my guest on Blueshirt Banter Radio, this past Tuesday is featured in this video, Gilles gets his first start in goal of this season for the Rangers, in this game three of the 1970 season.

Ironically, tending goal for the Leafs that night is Gilles hockey hero. The legendary Jacques Plante

The game features the Rangers firing on all cylinders in every facet of the game dominating the Leafs at Maple Leaf Gardens. Rod Gilbert and Brad Park score some nifty goals, even a fight breaks out as Vic Hadfield takes on Jim Harrison is a nice little go.

Also, at the 9:25 minute mark of the video watch the absolutely sick move by the Leafs Mike Walton to avoid a Tim Horton check.

Bill Hewitt and Bob Goldham with the Call.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Mouth's Blueshirt Banter Radio Special Pre-Game Edition w/ guest Mitch Beck : Hartford Wolfpack Blogger

Anyone who missed last nights Blueshirt Banter radio program missed a dandy. Emile "The Cat" Francis literally took over the show as he regaled us with stories for almost two hours.

We suprised Emile by bringing on air Vezina trophy goaltender and ex- Ranger Gilles Villemure, whom Emile had coached from 1970-1975.

The show was fantastic, because they were fantastic the show can be heard here.

Tonight Special Pre-Game Edition Of  Blueshirt Banter Radio w/ The Mouth   6:30-8:30

Tonight we air at a special time 6:30- 8:30 and take you right up to game time and talk Ranger puck as well as give you a preview of the Ranger/ Hawk game tonight.

Also we welcome friend of the show Mitch Beck who blogs for the Hartford Wolfpack  "Howlings." Mitch will certainly give us the scoop and update us on whats going on with the Pack these days.

To listen this particular archived show Click below :

  on Blog Talk Radio

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Rangers Halt Isles 23 Game Home Undefeated Streak 1/27/79 : Ulf Nilsson has 5 Point Night

This is truly a Ranger classic and a 1978-1979 regular season preview of what would eventually transpire in the playoffs that year as the Ranger went on to defeat the Islanders in the Semi-Finals.

At this moment in time, the Rangers simply matched up very well against this particular Islander team. Also, J.D had his best season as a Pro between the pipes this year which didn't hurt their winning ways against the Hempstead club.

The game shown in the video took place on January 27th ,1979 at the Nassau Coliseum, the contest was an up and down affair with lots of hitting on both sides.

The Rangers wound up routing the Islanders 7-2 and ending the Isles 23 regular season game home undefeated streak.

The game showcases Ulf Nilsson's talents as he tally's a fantastic five points (1 goal 4 assists). One other highlight  is Nick Fotiu's goal. Nicky's celebration has him jumping for joy like he just scored a Stanley Cup Winner.

Which is awesome.

Tonight 12/8 On Blueshirt Banter Radio  8- 10 PM

Our Guests :

Emile Francis - Ranger Goalie , Ranger GM 65-75, and 3x Ranger Coach

Gilles Villemure - Ranger Goalie Extraordinaire 1969-1975

Phone Number To Call In  1-646-478-4692

Listen Live Or On Podcast here : 

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Mouth Turns Up At John Tavares Autograph Signing : Only Place You Can Find NYI Fans

I think anyone who has seen Ranger Crisis Video # 50 knows The Mouth has a penchant to annoy Islander fans. Most of them are easy marks.

They are full of frustration and pent up anger that their team and its franchise after some early success has developed into one of sports most prolific and epic failures.

Hempstead fans are full of lame arguments on why their attendance is perennially low in their shameful arena year after year and The Mouth personally can not pass up an opportunity to "visit" with these dingleberries whenever they gather in mass.

Which certainly means avoid an Islander home game at all costs if you want to needle hundreds of NYI fans at once.

Go to a FREE John Tavares autograph signing. That’s where you will find these soon to be K.C cretins gathering like mice to cheese.

On December 1st, 2009, The Big Man trucked it down to the NHL Store in Manhattan to mingle with the week kneed, empty headed Hempstead fans at a John Tavares autograph signing.

Much to his chagrin his camera man didn’t show, so what was shot is kind of a less comedy filled bit than usual, mostly because of multi-tasking, but a bit, nonetheless, will suffice for now.

As for The Mouth meeting Tavares, The Big man reports that John is a really nice guy and took The Mouths good nature ribbing well.

The autographed pic that The Big Man received for his trouble was immediately put on eBay for the price of $49.99.

Check out the video to see what happened.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rangers Take On Devils in OT in 1984 : Chico Rushes Off Ice To Rescue Marty

The year is 1984. In the 1983-1984 season the NHL instituted the five minute overtime, no more regulation ties for this league.

This video clip takes place during the first year of the new rule. Both teams played 5 on 5, not like they do now under Heir Bettman. In this particular game that took place on January 4th 1984, the Rangers are playing the New Jersey Devils who are wearing their original and quite comical "Happy Holidays" jerseys.

It's an exciting overtime session which eventually leads to Devil's goalie Chico Resch storming off the ice as if he had heard a 12 year old Martin Brodeur was in stranger danger.

On Blueshirt Banter Radio Last Night , Myself and Jim had a chance to talk to EJ Hradek of NHL Network and ESPN the Magazine.

We discussed what may be the core problems with the Rangers of late and he gave some great answers from a much needed outsiders point of view.

Check out the archived show here :

Tonight, I Interview Former NHL Pugilist extraodinaire and EX-Ranger Joe Paterson. Also as always, taking your frustrated phone calls.

Show starts at 9 and runs till 11 PM.

Blueshirt Banter Radio w/ The Mouth  Tonight at 9 on Blog Talk Radio