Monday, November 30, 2009

The Power Of Distraction : Rangers in Free Fall

The Rangers are in a free fall of epic proportions right now and of course they will be the last one to know it but as fans we must stay the course and supply our unrequited love for Ranger Hockey no matter how badly the team plays.

Unlike the typical Hempstead fan we do not have blinders on as far as our own team goes and actually pay attention to what other NHL teams are doing besides the Rangers.

In the last two weeks, I have written articles for to distract me from the pain we all endure nightly watching our New York Gabqvists get absolutely no secondary scoring.

Writing away from the Rangers at this time also helps to relieve the agony of watching our Blueshirts almost get shutout by a household name such as Mike Smith of the Lightning.

The first article I wrote for Hockey Barn during this recent Ranger slump concerns another player named  Smith. Hockeybarn asked me to write about an epic blunder in Hockey. 

Rather than write an article that was all about The Rangers choosing Hugh Jessiman 12th overall in the 2003 draft, I chose to write about Edmonton Oiler Steve Smith scoring on his own goal during Games Seven of the 1986 Smythe Division Finals.

The article can be found here : "The Blunder Of It All"

I also wrote another article for Hockeybarn concerning the NHL's best player bargains and believe it or not a New York Ranger made it !

The article is basically my favorite NHL players that give you the most bang for your buck.

That friggin article can be found here :  Best Yet Of NHL Player "Door Buster" Sales

This Tuesday 12/1 on Blueshirt Banter Radio NHL Networks E.J Hradek 8-10 PM 
 Blueshirt Banter Radio w/ guest EJ Hradek on Blog Talk Radio

On Wednesday's show 12/2 we talk with former NHL tough Guy and EX-Ranger Joe Paterson 9-11 PM

 Joe Paterson on Blog Talk Radio

Friday, November 27, 2009

Donald Brashear's Two Day Pugilistic Creature Double Feature : The Big Rig vs. Jared Boll & Steve "Mammoth" MacIntyre

The Big Rig had fights in back to back games and it must have been a good luck charm because the Rangers managed to win both of the games he had tussles in.

The first game took place on November 23rd, 2009 a game which Donald Brashear took on Jared Boll a game which also saw the Rangers actually scoring Seven goals as the Blueshirts had a rare offensive flare up and beat the visiting BJ’s 7-4 at MSG.

Boll hearlier in the period had taken a run at Ranger defensive commodity Marc Staal. “The Don” held Boll accountable (another Ranger rarity this season) and instigated the call to arms and forced Jared Boll to the answer the bell.

The second Big Rig fight shown in this video was a true battle of heavyweights that took place just two days later on November 25th, 2009.

Steve MacIntyre Florida’s resident pugilist, who was just recently called up specifically to deal with other teams enforcers via his skills with is dukes did so this time at Brashear’s expense. It wasn’t difficult to ascertain that at some point of the game that these two behemoths would lock up.

When they did it was battle of position and strength. Brashear began with some forays to the side of MacIntyres head and helmet.

But not much evolved until MacIntye delivered Two gut wrenching body shots to The Big Rig's stomach.

The first one winded Brashear, but The Big Rig pressed on, However, the second body shot delivered by the 6”6 265 mastadon MacIntyre forced Donald to take a knee.

The punch that he received was so hard it  knocked the The Big Rig's wind completely out of him.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Soapy To Nuts : Doug "Soapy" Soetaert Phenomenal In December 12th 1980 Win

The Mouth in order to celebrate the Rangers Seven goal explosion and 7-4 win the other night against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Monday Night has revved up the time machine once again and supplied this gem.

Because this game video is a rare find  indeed.

The reason this particular video is so rare is that it was originally aired on WOR-TV Channel 9 in New York. It was a road game that started at 9:30 PM EST.

Ranger fans in general didn’t video tape most road games especially late starts against weak teams and non-division rivals.

You have to also remember if they did tape it, it was quicky erased when they taped over it to record thier favorite episode of The Greatest American Hero.

The game takes place on December 12th 1980 between our Blueshirts and the now defunct Colorado Rockies. Last week The Mouth featured footage of both these teams squaring off on New years Eve of that year.

This game was played at the empty but vociferous McNichols Sports Arena , in an exciting up and down affair which showcased the talents of Ranger goaltender Doug “Soapy” Soetaert.

Soapy in these days was either hit or miss, and this night he was certainly a hit. He played splendidly  so much so Ranger announcers Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick nearly fell out of the booth singing his praises.

* Look for a Young “Kotsy” doing his impression of Bobby Orr at the 5:30 mark of the Video.


Bernie Nicholls On Blueshirt Banter Radio w/ The Mouth and Jim

Bernie Nicholls was our guest last night on Blueshirt Banter Radio and we had a terrific time as Bernie was a lot of fun and very candid.  Two things we practice and preach on our program.

The Mouth and Bernie engaged in a battle of wills and friendly exchanges on who the better team was in 1994. The Rangers or Bernie’s New Jersey Devils.

We of course know that the Rangers were, but Bernie maintains 15 years later that the Devils were a better club and that Stephane Matteau was in the crease when he scored in Game Seven of that unbelievable Semifinal between both teams.

To Listen to the Archived Show with Bernie Go to the 11/24 Side Panel and click the Second Show down.

Special Blueshirt Banter Radio Show today 5 PM - 7 PM Live Tailgate Broadcast from Tonight's Ranger/Panther Game in Florida.

The Mouth’s co-host Jim Schmiedeberg will be in the parking lot of the Rangers/ Panther game tonight talking to Ranger fans live from the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida.

This is all going to while The Big man runs the show back in NYC. This is Bluehshirt Banter Radios first attempt at a live remote, so it should be a comedy of errors or a fantastic success, there is no middle ground when it comes these live shows.

To Listen To The Archived Live Remote Show Click The Player Below :

Monday, November 23, 2009

Five Players Not Worth a Dime : Voros, Rissmiller, Valiquette, Rozsival, Redden.

When you hear the names uttered during a conference call by former Ranger beat writer John Delapina of the New York Daily News way back on July 1st of 2008 it makes you wonder what Glen Sather (aka: The GM For Life) was thinking ?

What planet was Cigar Man on when he signed what turned out quickly to be five of the most unproductive, underachieving Rangers in one fell swoop and in succession?

Even worse what are the odds that all have failed ?

Some teams make one or two bad signings but this is a whole handful of ineptitude. The amazing thing is all of them are still on the current roster after two complete regime changes.

Except for Patrick Rissmiller who has been so awful he couldn't make it under Renney or Tortorella.

Here's The Audio Clip Of Infamy (July 1st Signings 2008)

The Mouth posed the question in an earlier paragraph "What was Slats Thinking?"

The answer is dumbfounding to say the least. In the next Audio clip Sather gives his reasoning for signing Redden and how he will complement Rozsival.

This is an audio clip of Glen Sather's talent evaluation & player assessment of Wade Redden on July 1st 2008

Tonight Bernie Nicholls on Blueshirt Banter Radio @ 8 PM

Bernie Nicholls who spent two seasons in the NHL with the Rangers 1989-90 and 1990-1991 will join The Mouth and Jim Schmiedeberg on Blueshirt Banter radio Tonight at 8 PM. Bernie played almost 18 seasons in the NHL recording over 1200 Points and almost 500 goals. As a Los Angeles King during 1988-89 campaign Bernie scored a unfathomable 70 goals and 80 assists.

Click Below To Listen Live Or Archived :

Mouth w/ Bernie Nicholls on Blueshirt Banter Radio on Blog Talk Radio

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Barry Beck Checks Lanny McDonald Into Time Square New Years Eve 1980

The Mouth thinks this is a great clip from just the standpoint the game takes place on New Years Eve 1980.

Imagine going to the game then afterward going to Times Square to ring in 1981 after seeing the Rangers lose 6-4 to the woeful Rockies?

The Mouth would to have drowned himself in Reunite on Ice and Chocodiles to ease that kinda pain.

The game features a mammoth check by Barry Beck on Hall of Famer Lanny McDonald who for some reason "Bubba" had a career grudge against.

The Ranger players must have dreaded playing this game for weeks, with Studio 54 just a cab drive away to party hardy at and they have to play he silly Colorodo Rockies in front of nobody. I can almost hear Espo still complaining 30 years later.

Another feature in this video is a rare glimpse of the famous Wayne Thomas "Big Apple Mask" that the goaltender wore in his last seasons as a Ranger.

One other thing to take notice of is Wayne's number. Wayne was the last player to wear Eddie Giacomin's #1 before it was retired.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bill "The Big Whistle" Chadwick Family Man : Recent Photo's of Bill Before His Passing

The Mouth would first like to thank Matt Kolon, Bill Chadwick's Grandson for allowing him and giving him permission to post these family photo's of the "Big Whistle" having fun with his great grandsons and other loved ones.

These photo's should bring a tear to any Ranger fans face that remember Bill as a big part of their TV childhood.

The Mouth also asked Former Rangers Ron Greschner and Gilles Villemure about there experiences with Bill at a recent book signing they did for the fantastic book 100 Ranger Greats available in stores now.


We also Talked To Ex- Ranger Darren Turcotte for an hour on Blueshirt Banter Radio and also spun recent tales of woe talking Ranger Hockey. You can hear it all here :

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Theo Fleury In Manhattan : Ex-Ranger Darren Turcotte On Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight

Theo Fleury In Manhattan

Last night before the Rangers lackluster loss to the Washington Capitals at MSG,  I got a chance to hit two book signings. The first was a signing that the maven Stan Fischler did at Cosby's Sporting goods on 31 Street in Manhattan.

As anyone who has ever listened to me on the Radio, knows I like to give Stan a hard time about his age and his outlandish predictions, I guess I basically do so as it appears to that everyone he works with seems to walk on eggshells around him, and since I don't have to work with him, I like to poke fun.

Stan in person was very gracious and we exchanged pleasantries and he was good enough to personalize my book, I thought Stan as great. I can tell you one thing whether you like him or not Stan Fischler is genuine and not a phony baloney. The book he was promoting was Who's Better: Rangers,Devils, Islander, Flyers ?

I then met some friends and headed out over to the Theo Fleury book signing over at Borders at Two Penn Plaza. The Place was jam packed full of Ranger fans and I got a chance to shoot the gip with a lot of the Ranger faithful. Theo was great and i think he was overwhelmed about how popular and how remembered he was as a Ranger.

Radio Killed The Video Star

I know the blog has been a little light as videos go, but I have been extremely busy with the Radio Show and chasing down guests for it. but the steady stream of videos will return once I get some time

Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight At 9 PM Guest Darren Turcotte

Ex- Ranger Darren Turcotte joins us tonight. Darren Played with the Rangers from 1988-1993 and was a fan favorite and played 325 games for the Blueshirts scoring 122 goals and 133 assists.

Click here to listen live at 9PM or archived podcast later

Monday, November 16, 2009

Odds and Sods: Mouth Talks to Andrew Gross, NHL Articles and His First Interview

On Monday November 16th, 2009 The Mouth and his co-host Jim Schmiedeberg talked to Andrew Gross, Ranger beat writer and got the scoop on everything Rangers.

Our other guests for tonight's show were Jim Hynes and Gary Smith the authors of a great book Saving Face that chronicles the design, development and the history of the goalie mask.

If you want to listen to the archived show click below.

 on Blog Talk RThe Mouth has also found time recently to write some non-Ranger centric articles for the esteemed website Hockey, one of which was about the Los Angeles Kings surprising start and the other being his favorite topic of late the decline of Coyotes Peter Mueller.

The Mouths NHL Articles can be found here :  

Peter Mueller's Day(s) Off                                                       

In a pleasant surprise The Mouth participated in his first interview as Patrick Hoffman was good enough to feature him on his Goal Line Report that appeared on the prestigious Kukla's Corner website.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Theo Fleury Tonight On Blueshirt Banter Radio 8 - 9:30 PM

Myself and my colleague Jim Schmiedeberg will interview Former Ranger Theo Fleury in a no holds barred discussion about his newly released autobiography "Playing With Fire."

I personally will be focusing on his somewhat controversial remarks about his former Ranger teammates while playing in New York.

Theo gives very frank personal assessments of Ranger coaches and players that he talks about in the book such as John Tortorella, Brian Leetch, Alexander Daigle and Kevin Hatcher and even trainer Jim Ramsey !

This should be quite a listen. The archived Podcast is available here.

Donald Brashear Sends Out Invite For Engagement Party and Eric Boulton RSVP's

The Big Rig returned to the lineup after sitting out several games with a mystery ailment that the Mouth reliable sources said were migraines suffered ironically after Brashear’s fight against Colton Orr on October 12th.

A month later on November 12th a full month later The Big Rig tangled with Atlanta Thrashers Eric Boulton.

The fight was extremely long and drawn out. There is no doubt that both these combatants are in terrific shape and it proved to be a very interesting fight that ebbed and flowed.

The Mouth of course lends his unique brand of commentary during this very long hookup between Brashear and Boulton.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Trifecta of Disgrace : Flames Curtis Glencross Dastardly Headshot of Rangers Captain Chris Drury

The Mouth was absolutely livid last Saturday night on November 11th and it wasn’t because he ran out of his favorite beer and his beloved Ellio’s frozen Pizza.

The Big Man couldn’t believe his eyes when he witnessed a Tri-Fecta of disgraces that took place on the ice  during the early going of the first period in a game where the Rangers were on the road taking on the Calgary Flames.

Curtis Glenncross of the Flames who was recently asked by his coaches to step up his physical play did so by delivering a cheap and calculated head shot to Rangers Captain Chris Drury. Everything about this dastardly act was disgraceful.

Starting with Glencross's disregard that he could possibly induce serious injury to a fellow player, the lack of any penalty being called by referees Dan O’Halloran and Kevin Pollock. The most appalling maybe of all was the lack of reaction by the Rangers of themselves when no player blew their fuse, lost their temper or felt angry enough to retaliate for the dirty hit on their Captain Chris Drury.

The Mouths ire is obviously up in this particular video and it very well should be. This surely wouldn’t have happened in the 1980’s up till the mid 1990’s, but this kind of nonsense is fast approaching in becoming a weekly occurrence league wide.

Remember Tomorrow Night Theo Fleury is our guest on Blueshirt Banter Radio at 8 PM

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday Night Blueshirt Banter Radio Guest EX- Ranger Carey Wilson and Your Calls !

The Mouth welcomes Ex- Ranger Carey Wilson to the Blueshirt Banter Radio program. The Wilson family is long in hockey tradition featured three generation's of NHL Players.

Carey's dad Frank Wilson played briefly with the Canadiens, Carey played nine seasons in the NHL and presently his son Colin is playing with the Nashville Predators and was drafted by the Preds in the first round in last years draft.

The interview promises tone a fun and informative interview. Special co- host Pauly D from the Pauly D Program to give the Ranger listener more incentive to tune in as he adds his passionate hockey expertise to this Blueshirt Banter Radio broadcast.

After the interview with Carey we get to current Ranger discussion and a always take your phone calls.

Here's The Show

 on Blog Talk RadAlso remember This Friday at 8 PM we talk to Theo Fleury !

Mouth's SKYPE Goes FUBAR But Job Gets Done : Radio Interview with Ex- Ranger Kevin Miller

If there's one thing the Mouth hates is dead air and his worst fear came true Tuesday night as his SKYPE connection went FUBAR.

But the Mouth a couple minutes later called back into the show via old school land line and the program from there came off without a hitch.

It was well worth the wait as The Mouth talked to Ex-Ranger Kevin Miller about such subjects as Roger Nielson, The Vukota-Bloomberg Playoff incident, Ranger Flag Football Injuries and playing with three of the best Ranger defenseman in recent Ranger history, Brian Leetch, James Patrick, and Ron Greschner.

When you listen back to the show for godsakes fast forward past the first 5 minutes. LOL. After that it is smooth sailing.


Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anders Hedberg Unheralded Ranger : 1983 Playoff "Smurf" Sweep Of Flyers

Anders Hedberg was an unheralded Ranger in a lot of  ways as far as The Mouth is concerned. When Anders and his linemate Ulf Nilsson were signed by the Bluehsirts for 2.4 Million dollars in 1978 with much ballyhoo, the NHL was a much different place then it is today.

The NHL had a very xenophobic attitude toward players from foreign countries. This was the case with owners, general managers and even the players themselves. Anders gave it 100%  every night and scored a lot of big playoff goals for the Rangers.

The following clip took place on April 5th, 1983 during a preliminary  playoff contest between the Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers at the old Spectrum. This is Ranger “Smurf” hockey at it’s finest as Anders leads the way in frustrating the Flyers with speed and skill.

The game also features a young  and very green Mike “Doc” Emrick in his first year as a NHL play by play man. Since this is the Flyers feed like many of these clips previously have documented, we of course are treated to the whining of the Flyers color men.

This time the culprit is Bobby “The Chief” Taylor who now presently does his whining during Tampa Bay Lightning broadcasts.

The Rangers would go on to win this game 5-3 and went on to sweep this 1982-83 best of five playoff series against Philly 3-0.

Tonight on Blushirt Banter Radio at 8 PM The Mouth talks with EX- Ranger Kevin Miller and talks Ranger Hockey till 10 PM please join us as we take your phone calls all night.

Call In # (646) 478-4692

Tomorrow at 9 PM we talk to Ex- Ranger Carey Wilson and on Friday at 8 PM Theo Fleury !

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ex - Rangers Kevin MIller & Carey Wilson Kick Off Blueshirt Internet Radio Guest List This Month.

I'm pretty excited about getting chance to talk to interview some Ex-Rangers in the upcoming weeks.

Here's your chance the Ranger fan to talk to some real NHL veterans who actually lived the dream of lacing the Skates up for the Blueshirts by calling in and asking them questions.

It's also a great way to have your voice heard about the current state of the Rangers and talk with other hardcore Ranger fans.

We also have Ranger beat writers, NHL analysts, authors, bloggers as well as other Ranger related guests joining our program in the upcoming months.

Tuesday 11/10 - Kevin Miller (Ranger fan favorite 1988-1991. Played Parts of 16 NHL seasons)  8-10 PM

Wednesday 11/11 - Carey Wilson (averaged almost a point a game for NYR 1988-1990, 12 Year NHL Vet) 9-11 PM

Friday 11/13  - Theo Fleury - 8 -9:30 PM  

Monday 11/16 - Andrew Gross (NYR Beat Reporter) & Jim Haines (Author of Saving Face: The Art of the Hockey Mask) 8-10 PM

Wednesday 11/18 - Adam Rotter (SNY Ranger Blogger) 9-11 PM

Tuesday 12/1 - E.J Hradek (NHL Live Host for NHL Network) 8-10 PM

Wednesday 12/2 - Joe Paterson (Ex- Ranger Tough Guy 1987-1989,  9 Year NHL vet) 9-11 PM

Friday, November 6, 2009

Mouth Asks Ranger Greats Ron Greschner and Gilles Villemure About Their Most Memorable MSG Moments.

The Mouth had a chance to meet and greet two Ranger Greats in Ron Greschner and Gilles Villemure this past week on Monday, November 2nd.

Both of whom have given a solemn oath that they would appear with The Mouth on Blueshirt Banter Radio in the future, which truth be told made The Big Guys week and I’m sure the fans of the Banter show are looking forward to those broadcasts.

The Big man was able to fire off a few questions from the front row at a recent book signing they did in the Big Apple.

One of which was, what was there most favorite memory of playing a Madison Square Garden?

Although, you would think that would be a pretty generic question to ask these two legendary Rangers, the answers proved to much less generic than even The Mouth could have guessed.

The video was shot at a Barnes and Noble in Tribeca in celebration of the release of a fantastic new book entitled 100 Greats that is available everywhere.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Big Bad Bruins and Tort's Failure In Coveying the "Safe Is Death" Credo

The Mouth welcomed author Jay Moran author of the Book The Rangers, The Bruins, The End of an Era.

Jay Interviewed almost 50 players on both sides and gave the low down on the rivalry between the Rangers and The Big Bad Bruins.

The Mouth and his callers also discussed the recent offensive woes and tried to dissect what exactly is the cause of the Rangers recent power outage on offense and in the standings.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sean Avery makes Shane O'Brien Lose His Cool, Then Lose His Stick

Things got wild and wooly in Vancouver last night as a mini brawl occurred where the Rangers outnumbered the Canucks 10-7 in players on the ice but for some reason no real beat downs took place.

Soon after that things got real fun when Sean Avery brought the verbal rukus while on the bench when he verbally obliterated Vancouver Canucks Darcy Hordichuk with the following expletive laden talent evaluation of the Canuck forward.

“STFU, You F’N Suck, You’re a F’N Bum Hordichuk, STFU!”

The following clip shows Hordichuk’s teammate Shane O’Brien coming all the way from the defensive side of his own bench to engage Avery in this war or words.

What results is O’Brien losing his cool and losing his stick.

O’Brien then got ejected from the game which resulting in a loss of “man” power for his team, which in essence completed his loser Hat Trick for the night.

Don't Forget  Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight 9- 11 PM . special guest Jay Moran plus Ranger talk where we take your calls all night ! It's one click away!

Tonight Blueshirt Banter Radio Wednesday 9-11 PM Author Jay Moran NYR/Bruins Rivalry

Tonight on Blueshirt Banter Radio 9 PM- 11 PM. The Mouth will be interviewing the author of this wonderful and voluminous book written by Jay Moran.

This book covers the Blueshirts rivalry with the Big Bad Bruins from 1965-1975. The Book is fantastic and contains 100 previously unpublished photos.

It promises to be a fantastic show, plus as always will be talking current Ranger Hockey all night and of course taking your phone calls.

Blueshirt Banter Radio w/ Mouth on Blog Talk Radio

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blueshirt Banter Radio Tuesdays Ex-Ranger PR Man and Ranger Historian : John Halligan

John Halligan spent 24 years with the New York Rangers as Public Relations Director, Business Manager and Vice President of Communications. John also has written Four books including the book in the rack pictured above.

The Mouth and Jim covered topics with John such as his memories of Bill Chadwick, his new book as well as got all the insight on all the many Rangers teams he worked with and the hundreds of Blueshirt player he dealt with.

We can't wait to have him back !


Sunday, November 1, 2009

Mouth says Trade Christopher Higgins For Peter Mueller : Sell American. Buy American.

The Mouth knows we are only 15 games into the 2009-2010 season , but what ever the story with the Christopher Higgins piss poor play in New York is, The Big Man doesn’t want to find out and wants the tale to end with Higgy being traded ASAP.

The problem is who would want a a player who has ZERO goals and two assists in 15 games? The Mouth may have found an interested party in the Phoenix Coyotes who have a problem child of their own in Peter Mueller.

Mueller is a 6’2 205 lb 21yr old center iceman who is coming off a disappointing sophomore season and his start to this 2009-10 campaign has been awful akin to the Higgins start.

The Yotes for now are doing well without any help from Mueller whatsoever and he is ripe for the picking as he is a kid who is in need of a desperate change of scenery.

In addition, the Rangers as an organization are very weak at the center ice position and Mueller is young and could regain his rookie form where he scored 22 goals and has 32 assists.

Glen Sather as we all know loves to deal with the Phoenix club, so The Mouth is hoping his insane ramblings make it to Cigar Man's ear and he rings up Don Maloney pronto !

Post Script : There is a reason The Mouth is not in the trade rumor business, because The Big Man  really didn't take the contract situation as a major stumbling point and didn't account for the fact apparently most people think the slumping Peter Mueller is the next coming of Marcel Dionne , The trade doesn't make much sense straight up. but the Mouth poses this to the Crisis fan, would Ranger fans be willing to deal Dubinsky or Callahan to sweeten the pot ?