Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Ranger Crisis Videos Put On Ice

NO videos till August 6th from The Mouth kids.. The Big Guy will be on the road heading for those original six hockey hotbeds Chicago and Detroit doing some non-Ranger content reporting for the fine folks at

You can follow The Mouth via twitter as he will be tweeting up a storm as he tries to rustle up some Blackhawk and Red Wing fans to appear on camera in the dog days of summer. He will be shooting video of the locals and doing remotes from both Chicago’s United Center and the Joe Louis Arena In Detroit.

To follow the Mouth tweets on twitter just scroll down and click on the big twitter decal on the sidebar of the page it’s just that easy.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Heineken, Henrik and Hippies. Sean Avery's What I Did On My Summer Vacation

Sean Avery spent part of the Summer vacation exploring familiar territory of wine, women and song as he opened up both a sports bar and participated in a music festival. In this Ranger Crisis Episode Sean is featured and shown as both a commentator and a participant with a vested interest.

Avery kicked off his summer vacation on Friday May 15th, 2009 by opening his own Sports bar called Warren 77, a pub in Tribeca which is located in Downtown Manhattan.

The Mouth spoke briefly to Avery about the bar and was urged to come on down to the opening. But when the Big man was told the bar only held 82 people and he would probably have to wait outside he opted out. But not with some regrets. Sean told the The Mouth that Henrik Lundqvist would be in attendance playing guitar at the opening. All of which is shown in the video.

The second event on the Broadways Bad Boy’s summer vacation list was to truck it on down to the Bonnaroo Music Festival held outdoors in Manchester, Tennessee which ran from June 11th-14th 2009. Sean played guest commentator for FUSE music channel and interviewed some of the festivals organizers and bands.

Sean also found the time to hang with then Atlantic Division rival Joffrey Lupul of the Flyers. Avery is no stranger to Bonnaroo and has attended previous ones in the past. Conversely, The Mouth detests Jam bands and tree hugging save the earth types, so there’s no chance of seeing him doing a remote on site from Bonnaroo. This years music festival had roughly 75,000 people in attendance.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ranger Crisis Radio #4 Stephanie Bagley Of ESPN The Magazine

It's pretty ironic that one of the most obscure hockey source entities such as Ranger Crisis Radio gets uttered in the same sentence as the Sports juggernaut ESPN The Magazine but that was the case the night of July 27th my good people.

The Mouth's special guest for this particular show was freelance reporter Stephanie Bagley who's work can be seen in the prestigious ESPN The Magazine. Stephanie shot the gip with The Mouth for almost 50 minutes about a myriad of topics including her interviews with Henrik Lundqvist, Chris Higgins and Brian Leetch.

Steph gave us a nice scoop as she discussed and elaborated about Brian Leetch's thoughts on perhaps joining the Rangers organization in the future. A lot of ground was covered as both The Mouth and his guest talked about Hockey and the Social Medium, NHL Tweetups and even Fantasy Hockey and of course everything Rangers.

To hear the Entire Show Just click the player

Sather Calls For Wrong Type Of T and A - Tyler Arnason for Dummies Video

On July 3, 2009 The Mouth surmises that Glen Sather sent out for some female companionship up at his ski lodge up in Banff, Alberta dialed the wrong number, after which an erroneous roster move was made, causing a 30 year old journeyman named Tyler Arnason to be signed as a unrestricted free agent.

This just has to be the case. Because The Big man has no explanation why The Rangers would be interested in this center iceman. This smacks more of a Islander pickup than a Blueshirt one. Begrudgingly, The Mouth put together a 22 second clip on Tyler Arnason basically so he never has to mention him again.

Not wanting to leave the Ranger Crisis fan on a down note, some bonus footage was added in the form of a Colton Orr fight from last season as Colt 45 took on rookie pugilist Tyson Strachan of the St. Louis Blues on February 16th, 2009.

GigantORR would land 7 of a 11 punches on Strachan who immediately ran back to the AHL's Peoria Riverman bragging to teammates he had fought Colton Orr up in the Major Leagues and got his banana beat in.

The Orr/Strachan fight is Episode #13 of The Ranger only feature GigantORR. A segment which shows in time line the pugilistic trials and tribulations of former Broadway Bruiser Colton Orr's fight card from the 2008-2009 season.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Ranger Crisis Radio Monday 7/27 Lundqvist And Higgins

The Mouth will be out of town on assignment (mandatory mental facility evaluation) so the Ranger Crisis Radio show scheduled for next Thursday is canceled and instead the show will air live This Monday July 27th 9PM-11PM.

The Mouth's special guest this week will be Stephanie Bagley who has interviewed countless sports figures and more recently written features on Henrik Lundqvist and newly acquired Christopher Higgins. Stephanie is a writer for the prestigious ESPN The Magazine.

Stephanie is a diehard Ranger fan and a top notch interviewer. The Big Man of course will press for every detail as he certainly interested in getting the entire 411 on Rangers world class goalie Henrik Lundqvist and the New guy on the block Christopher Higgins.

As always we will be taking calls from New York Ranger die hards and shooting the gip until the clock strikes 11 pm.

Click here to Listen The call In Number is (347) 857-2090

I Love The 80's Rangers : Rangers vs Flyers March 4th 1982

Mikko Leinonen Now.. Oh Jeeze

The Mouth starts his brand spanking new Ranger Crisis feature I Love the 80’s Rangers with one of his favorite pieces of game footage from March 4th 1982. The Rangers find themselves in the always hostile Spectrum facing their hated rivals who for some reason in a failed 80’s fashion move decided to wear Cooperall hockey pants for an entire season.

The clip features continuous end to end action called by then Ranger announcer Jim Gordon. Gordon supplied so much excitement in the booth that still to this day most Ranger fans can’t help but smile when hearing Jim turn it up a notch when the action on the ice got frenetic.

This is the case as a couple of odd man rushes and breakways by both teams that are shown in the video. The clip also features Phily legend Pelle Linbergh in only his third start as a Flyer net minder. Tending the Rangers net is consensus non- Ranger legend Steve Weeks. The game showcases some nifty plays by Rangers Mikko Leinonen and Rob McClanahan.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Rick Carpiniello 90 mInutes On Ranger Crisis Radio # 3

Rick Carpiniello veteran beat writer who has covered the Rangers for over 20 years joined The Mouth on Ranger Crisis Radio on Thursday in what turned out to be 90 Minutes of Non-stop free wheeling Ranger Puck chat.

Ranger fans got a chance to fire questions at Carp who not only answered them but regaled the Crisis Radio audience with some terrific Blueshirt stories that even the big man himself had never heard.

Rick also weighed in on the current state of the Rangers and gave his take on Chris Drury, Brandon Dubinsky and even Cory Potter. The Mouth apologizes to The Ranger fans who’s calls he wasn't able to get to but the switchboard was lit up like a Christmas tree and the 90 minutes flew by like Evgeni Malkin going one on one with Wade Redden.

The entire show is just one click away

Programming Note: The Mouth will be on assignment for in Chicago and Detroit starting this Wednesday so there will be no Ranger Crisis radio on Thursday. But the good news is the Big man will be working on four days rest and air Ranger Crisis Radio this Monday July 27th 9-11 PM with yet another special guest.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Last Ranger Roundup For Colt 45 Plus Zebra Steve Kozari's Officiating Is Horse Dookie

The Mouth once again presents his Ranger only feature GigantORR Episode #12 The feature continues in time line the pugilistic trials and tribulations of former Broadway Bruiser Colton Orr's fight card from the 2008-2009 season.

As The Big Man approaches the conclusion of ex-Ranger and now Toronto Maple Leaf Colton Orr’s fight card from the 2008-2009 season , he cant help but wonder how often he will be calling bouts for the Rangers in 2009-2010 and how devastating new Ranger enforcer Donald Brashear will be when he locks horns with all comers.

Pugilistic musing aside, The Mouth treats us some really good footage of Colton’s last two fights against Eric Godard. These hook ups would be the third and fourth go around of the season for these two heavyweights. The second fight that is shown took place on March 28th 2009 which was GigantORR’s fight finale for now wearing a Ranger uniform.

Besides the fights, The Mouth also supplies us with some bonus footage which shows one of the worst calls against the Rangers from all of last season. The call was made by Referee Steve Kozari , who in the Mouth’s opinion is one of the worst Zebra’s in the league. If you see a Referee wearing # 40 and he’s "officiating" a Ranger game make sure you have plenty of TUMS handy, this guy makes Greg Madill look like Andy Van Hellemond.

Mouth Making More Radio Waves

The Mouth With SNY's Loudmouth Chris Carlin

One thing is for sure is that The Mouth likes to talk Ranger Puck on the Radio whether it be with WFAN's and SNY's resident Loudmouth Chris Carlin or on his own Ranger Crisis Radio show that airs here every Thursday here from 9- 11 PM.

This weeks special guest will be Rick Carpiniello. Rick is the Ranger beat writer from the Journal News and the present overseer of the insanity, that is the Rangers Report Blog at, Rick is also an accomplished author who has written several Ranger themed books.

But before Thursday there is a special treat in store for the Big man as he gets to shoot the gip with his favorite Ranger broadcasting tandem over at Blueshirt

The Mouth has been asked to join the dynamic Ranger broadcasting duo of Joe Fortunato and Jim Schmiedeberg to partake in a segment called "Banter Roundtable." In addition Steve from NYRangercast will be taking a seat at the Banter table in a show that promises to be a fun and informative Ranger Pow Wow.

This really is can't miss radio and they will be taking phone calls in all night !

Their show which the Mouth makes a guest appearance airs LIVE Wednesday Night from 7:30-9:00 EST

For more info click the Icon

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Korpedo Exchange nets Rangers a Russian Gretzky. Enver Lisin For Dummies Video

The Mouth wants to clarify right from the get go. Before you kill him as the king of overstatement which lets face it folks, I think even The Big Man himself would admit is something he is definitely prone to doing, especially when his frequent bouts of Ranger madness overtake him of what sense he still has left.

We at Ranger Crisis must warn you from the outset, that if you haven't watched the video yet you should first know that the title of this post is wildly misleading.

For those who don't like to read and have already watched the video , The Mouth declared that Enver Lisin could be the next Russian Gretzky. The same way Alex Kovalev was proclaimed and portrayed as "The Next Russian Gretzky" on the back of the NY Post all those years ago.

The Mouth then returning to a more lucid mindset clarified the comment by quipping that Lisin could be the next Russian KEITH Gretzky.

But seriously folks, Enver Lisin is a nice pick up for the Blueshirts. The speedy Russian has shown some pretty nifty moves especially on the break playing for the Yotes. Enver's progress at age 23 has no where to go but up. The Rangers got Lisin in exchange for another 23 yr old Lauri Korpikoski.

Ranger Puck On Ranger Crisis Radio # 2

The Mouth Hosts Two Hours of Ranger call in Talk radio. Where else you gonna find that? NOWHERE. You will be lucky to find two hours of Blue Shirt hockey discussed the whole entire summer on New York terrestrial radio. So this is the place to be, Every Thursday 9-11PM.

This past weeks show was fantastic. The Mouth had Russ Cohen of XM Radio's Prospect Show discussing and giving Crisis listeners the lowdown on Ranger hopefuls such as Bobby Sanguinetti, Matt Gilroy, and Ryan McDonagh and Russ clued us all in where they are as far as development.

The Mouth also had Adam Raider on who has written for The Hockey News and Hockey Digest to talk about the risks and rewards of Marian Gaborik. These two veteran writers also talked about a fantastic book entitled 100 Ranger Greats they both have co- authored with former Ranger PR man John Halligan.

Two hours of Ranger Crisis Radio just one click away.

30 seconds of silence after Intro but after that the show starts.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Glen Sather Punk'd Bob Gainey: Ryan Mcdonagh For Dummies Video

Did Glen Sather snooker Bob Gainey ? The Mouth thinks so when the Rangers got Ryan McDonagh from the Canadiens as basically a throw in the Christopher Higgins for Scott Gomez deal.

No less did the Rangers dump Gomez’s preposterous salary and get a solid player in Higgins in return but they also managed to nab from what all the prospect experts in the Mouths lexicon say is going to be a a future solid NHL two way Defenseman. McDonagh was the first pick by the Habs in the 2007 draft and went 12th overall. Ryan at present is a 20 year old Junior for the Wisconsin Badgers.

Prospect Guru's such as Jess Rubenstein of The Prospect Park and Russ Cohen host of XM's Radio Hockey Prospect Show say that McDonagh is about 2-3 years away from actually playing for the Broadway Blues depending on whether he decides to finish out college or not.

The acquisition of McDonagh by Sather is baffling, just because it’s such a shrewd move which as we know is something of a rare occurrence in the Slats era akin to the appearance of Halley's Comet.

The impetuous of McDonagh being added to the deal may have been that Bob Gainey was just looking to clean house of all traces from the old regime and Sather was just there at the right time or as the Mouth suspects Glen Sather may have actually found someone worse at talent evaluation than himself in Gainey this time around.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Ranger Crisis Radio Tonight 9-11 PM

Ranger Crisis Radio goes back on the air TONIGHT 9-11 PM

Here's your chance to talk to the Mouth live and sorta of in person. His guests are XM radio Prospect Guru Russ Cohen and Adam Raider Co- Author of the Book 100 Ranger Greats.

The call In Number is (347) 857-2090

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Czech Power Play Cavalry To The Rescue Ales Kotalik for Dummies

The Mouth shouts to Ranger fans everywhere “Have no fear the Czech PP Cavalry is here!” which he feels has come to the rescue in the form of 30 year old Right Wing Ales Kotalik.

The Rangers signed Kotalik as a UFA when they inked him to a 3 million per season 3 year deal. Kotalik’s specialty is playing the point on the Power Play and he should add a nice stimulus package to last seasons Rangers bankrupt man advantage gross national goals product. Wall Street metaphors aside, Kotalik is a nice signing and will surely will shore up the Broadway Blues in several ways.

Kotalik although not physical is a grinder who likes to cycle the puck deep and is also a former teammate of Ranger Captain Chris Drury. Perhaps Kotalik will revive Drury a bit , but more importantly Ales will bring in the much needed Power Play help the Rangers so sorely require combined with the ability to stupify Ranger Fans with his booming slapper.

Top 100 Rangers Radio

Ranger Crisis Radio goes back on the air this Thursday 9- 11 PM

The Mouth is extremely jazzed as he hosts his first guests, who will be calling live into the Crisis Center to talk Ranger Puck. The Big man will be joined by quasi-hockey royalty as Russ Cohen host of XM radio's Prospect Show and Adam Raider of NHL Digest stop by to promote and talk about their awesome book 100 Ranger Greats.

Once we milk that segment for all it's worth we will take your calls and most likely spend the rest of the show debating the pronunciation of newly acquired Enver Lisin's last name. The Mouth is looking forward to the show and so should you ! We will be fraying the edges of sanity this Thursday 9-11 PM as we talk about the only Hockey that counts. Rangers Hockey !

Listen to Ranger Crisis on Blog Talk Radio

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Fear and Loathing in Donald Brashear GigantORR Episode 11

On July 1st 2009 the Rangers signed probably the most loathed individual in this Ranger fans recent memory since probably when the Blue Shirts inked Bryan Trottier as a coach back in 2002. This all occurred when Glen Sather signed Donald Brashear one of the most unpredictable and feared enforcers in hockey to a two year 2.8 million dollar contract.

The only hitch about the acquisition is that Ranger fans are having a hard time forgiving “The Don” for his sucker job on Blair Betts during the playoffs last season, when Donald was a member of the Capitals.

The Mouth once again finds himself in the minority as he welcomes “The Big Rig” Donald Brashear with open “Huggy Bear” arms. Even at the somewhat geriatric age of 37 Brashear is a seasoned policeman who throws the body.

The latter of which his ex-Ranger punching predecessor Colton Orr couldn’t do consistently on a nightly basis. But don’t worry about Colton he will be fine in Toronto and will quickly become a fan favorite.

The Mouth treats us to video of fight that took place on February 11th 2009 between Orr and Brashear in their six tussle in total as part of his eleventh installment of the Ranger only GigantORR Series.

Then the Big man gives the Ranger faithful a sneak peak of what kind of pugilistic prowess the reluctant Broadway Blue fan can look forward to when they finally come around to cheering for this Punch your lights out first, ask questions later intimidator.

Two Brashear fights are shown one against Jody Shelley of the Sharks and another which is of Brashear’s absolute emulsification of Riley “No Way” Cote

Friday, July 10, 2009

Gabby Days Are Here Again : Marian Gaborik For Dummies Video

The Mouth is ecstatic at the signing of Marian Gaborik as this was the guy he wanted all along. The Rangers are getting a sniper in his prime that they so desperately need for what essentially is Scott Gomez escarole with a five year deal at 7.5 per season.

As always in Rangerland there is always a catch. Gaborik does come with some injury baggage, but the 27 year old Slovak has assured the Rangers he is 100% healthy. The Mouth is however reserving his jubilation about the Gabby inking and doing his best to remain cautiously optimistic.

Only the future will tell what kind of nonsense concerning Gaborik's health will unfold when he actually hit’s the ice as a Blue Shirt. The again he may never get hurt again and be one of the Rangers all-time fan faves. So for now The Mouth is just Wild about Gabby.

The Big man of course has put together a semi-informational video about the Rangers biggest UFA signing so far of the off season.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Ranger Crisis Call Center is On The Air ! SHOW # 1

Some things in this world just make no sense. Apparently anything goes on the Interweb these days and the fact that they gave The Mouth his own call in show is one of them.

I kid you not the Big Man will be polluting the airwaves with his own unique brand of Ranger-centric Hockey talk on Thursday nights from 9-11 PM.

The real kicker is that Ranger fans will be able to interact with The Mouth via the call in show format to discuss Ranger Puck. I know he's looking forward to your calls.


The debut Ranger Crisis radio show aired on schedule and it was a barn burner folks. Everything Ranger was discussed as promised and co-host Mandar went on an epic anti-islander Islander rant for the ages.

In addition we also discovered is that the people who called in the show might be more "troubled" than the Mouth, and that's saying a lot ! Thanks to all that called and made the Mouths inaugural broadcast a rousing success.

You can here the Thursday July 9th Ranger Crisis Radio show here :

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Christopher Comes In June : Christopher Higgins For Dummies Video

The Mouth declares June 30th 2009 Scott Gomez Salary Emancipation Day as the smirking ex Swamp rat was sent packing from the Rangers for Montreal’s Christopher Higgins.

The Rangers managed to dump both Scott Gomez’s bizzaro world salary and acquire not one but two good players in the process. The full deal played out like this. New York sent Scott Gomez, forward Tom Pyatt and defenseman Mike Busto to Les Habitants in exchange for Christopher Higgins and two defenseman Ryan McDonagh and Pavel Valentenko,

Ryan McDonagh is considered a top notch prospect and frankly as hard as it is, a lot of credit has to go to Glen Sather for hoodwinking Montreal’s GM Bob Gainey.

This Ranger Crisis video goes over what Higgins will bring to the table and help us Blue Shirt fans familiarize ourselves with what Christopher Higgins has done and hopefully what he can do for the Blueshirts next season.

The Mouth of course lends his inane and insane commentary and even throws in some facts along the way just to keep himself honest in what turns out to be a semi-informative video on new Ranger Christopher Higgins

Monday, July 6, 2009

Brian Boyle For Dummies Video

The Mouth introduces a new feature that will Spotlight newly acquired Rangers in order to familiarize both himself and Ranger Crisis fans with just what the heck a particular player is all about. In a video segment called “For Dummies.”

The first player to be showcased is Brian Boyle. Boyle was acquired June 27 at the draft from Los Angeles for a 2010 third-round pick. Boyle is a 6’7 244lb Center.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

They Let The Mouth Have A Call In Show

The Mouth make his Blog Talk Radio hosting debut on Thursday July 9th from 9PM-11PM EST and it promises to be one helluva wild ride.

The Big man will be providing serious New York Ranger Puck discussion done in a way that will definitely appeal to his lunatic fringe audience. The Ranger Crisis fans know the deal.

Now it's your chance to let YOUR voice be heard on Ranger Crisis Radio. The Mouth will be taking calls from New York Ranger and NHL fanatics throughout Thursday night and shooting the gip until the clock strikes 11 pm.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Archives be Damned ! 1974 Ranger/Flyer Playoff Classic Schultz Slugs Park

The Mouth provides a classic July 4th 2009 weekend Treasure Trove for his die hard Ranger Crisis fans showing the Rangers/Flyers Semifinal Game Three held at Madison Square Garden on April 25th 1974. The game is significant on several levels. The game captures the Flyers BroadStreet Bullies days in full throttle and it also conveys how intense this rivalry so much so that extra NYC policeman were added especially for this game.

This particular contest and series was an out and out physical war. Historically Ranger fans think that the Rangers got pushed around but after actually watching the games The Rangers gave it back to the Flyers physically pretty well. It really was the lack of production of the Blue Shirts GAG line that did them in.

But with that said two incidents stand out from this series. The first came in the deciding Game Seven when Dave Schultz used Dale Rolfe’s face as a punching bag and no Ranger on the ice came to his aide. The second is an incident that happened in this game you can ONLY see on Ranger when Flyer bastido supreme Dave Schultz went after and fought Rangers All-Star Defenseman Brad Park.

The Mouth provides TEN minutes of game footage direct from his archives for only Ranger Crisis Fans to enjoy.

The game shown has historical significance in Ranger lore because it sums up the pure hatred between the Rangers and Flyers had for each other in this epic Semi-Final series that went the full Seven games.

Another component of the footage shown is the almost comical play by play announcing of then Flyer announcers Don Earle and Gene Hart. Keeping in the tradition of Flyer absurdly humoristic hockey announcing the two actually cry foul every time a Flyer goon gets slapped with the appropriate penalties.

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Controversial Mouth Checks Blueshirt Banter Radio

The Mouth checked in to give his take on the multiple signings and trades the Rangers have made over the past few days. The Mouth called the Blueshirt live radio blogcast via land line and talked to hosts Jimmy "The Gem" Schmiedeberg and "Joltin" Joe Fortunato.

The Big man of course spoke his mind on a site where people talk some serious puck, unlike other programs where happy shiny Hockey moms gather to giggle and waste bandwidth. Blueshirt Banter is one of The Mouth fave raves. Check it out before I start removing ya stripes Ranger Crisis soldiers!

The Mouth on BB radio talks Rangers transactions

You can hear the entire show here Blueshirt Banter Radio