Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Rangers Take On Devils in OT in 1984 : Chico Rushes Off Ice To Rescue Marty

The year is 1984. In the 1983-1984 season the NHL instituted the five minute overtime, no more regulation ties for this league.

This video clip takes place during the first year of the new rule. Both teams played 5 on 5, not like they do now under Heir Bettman. In this particular game that took place on January 4th 1984, the Rangers are playing the New Jersey Devils who are wearing their original and quite comical "Happy Holidays" jerseys.

It's an exciting overtime session which eventually leads to Devil's goalie Chico Resch storming off the ice as if he had heard a 12 year old Martin Brodeur was in stranger danger.

On Blueshirt Banter Radio Last Night , Myself and Jim had a chance to talk to EJ Hradek of NHL Network and ESPN the Magazine.

We discussed what may be the core problems with the Rangers of late and he gave some great answers from a much needed outsiders point of view.

Check out the archived show here :

Tonight, I Interview Former NHL Pugilist extraodinaire and EX-Ranger Joe Paterson. Also as always, taking your frustrated phone calls.

Show starts at 9 and runs till 11 PM.

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  1. You know what sticks out most about this video? The noise, the Garden just doesn't sound like that anymore. Jim Gordon was practically yelling to be heard through most of that video.

    Good stuff though, love the Italy jerseys the Devils used to wear

  2. Italy jerseys lol. yeah the crowd did seem louder back then. Less luxury boxes to suck up the noise