Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Tuesday Night Blueshirt Banter Radio Guest EX- Ranger Carey Wilson and Your Calls !

The Mouth welcomes Ex- Ranger Carey Wilson to the Blueshirt Banter Radio program. The Wilson family is long in hockey tradition featured three generation's of NHL Players.

Carey's dad Frank Wilson played briefly with the Canadiens, Carey played nine seasons in the NHL and presently his son Colin is playing with the Nashville Predators and was drafted by the Preds in the first round in last years draft.

The interview promises tone a fun and informative interview. Special co- host Pauly D from the Pauly D Program to give the Ranger listener more incentive to tune in as he adds his passionate hockey expertise to this Blueshirt Banter Radio broadcast.

After the interview with Carey we get to current Ranger discussion and a always take your phone calls.

Here's The Show

 on Blog Talk RadAlso remember This Friday at 8 PM we talk to Theo Fleury !

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