Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Blueshirt Banter Radio Tuesdays Ex-Ranger PR Man and Ranger Historian : John Halligan

John Halligan spent 24 years with the New York Rangers as Public Relations Director, Business Manager and Vice President of Communications. John also has written Four books including the book in the rack pictured above.

The Mouth and Jim covered topics with John such as his memories of Bill Chadwick, his new book as well as got all the insight on all the many Rangers teams he worked with and the hundreds of Blueshirt player he dealt with.

We can't wait to have him back !



  1. Another great show.
    When Mandar came on really loud it reminds me of the Paul Bearer (Of Sheer Terror) stage banter track in France. Where the kid screams at the top of his lungs and he says "Oh jeez, no more soda for that guy". Great stuff.

  2. Yeah I gotta have a talk about Mandar he's making my ears bleed on the air, and thats my job ! As a matter of fact Mandar looks a bit like a taller version of Paul bearer lol but the wrestling Paul Bearer !.

    I saw Sheer Terror a couple of times. What I distinctly remember is Paul Bearer kept downing Jagermeister shots like it was water all night while on stage.

    Can't wait til you are back in the states so you can call in

  3. Oh yeah, I'll be calling in.
    I'll see which week, But I'm the til January so there is a tonne of time.

    You can rejoice me with stories from before my time. I'm just a kid, 21 years old.