Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Theo Fleury In Manhattan : Ex-Ranger Darren Turcotte On Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight

Theo Fleury In Manhattan

Last night before the Rangers lackluster loss to the Washington Capitals at MSG,  I got a chance to hit two book signings. The first was a signing that the maven Stan Fischler did at Cosby's Sporting goods on 31 Street in Manhattan.

As anyone who has ever listened to me on the Radio, knows I like to give Stan a hard time about his age and his outlandish predictions, I guess I basically do so as it appears to that everyone he works with seems to walk on eggshells around him, and since I don't have to work with him, I like to poke fun.

Stan in person was very gracious and we exchanged pleasantries and he was good enough to personalize my book, I thought Stan as great. I can tell you one thing whether you like him or not Stan Fischler is genuine and not a phony baloney. The book he was promoting was Who's Better: Rangers,Devils, Islander, Flyers ?

I then met some friends and headed out over to the Theo Fleury book signing over at Borders at Two Penn Plaza. The Place was jam packed full of Ranger fans and I got a chance to shoot the gip with a lot of the Ranger faithful. Theo was great and i think he was overwhelmed about how popular and how remembered he was as a Ranger.

Radio Killed The Video Star

I know the blog has been a little light as videos go, but I have been extremely busy with the Radio Show and chasing down guests for it. but the steady stream of videos will return once I get some time

Blueshirt Banter Radio Tonight At 9 PM Guest Darren Turcotte

Ex- Ranger Darren Turcotte joins us tonight. Darren Played with the Rangers from 1988-1993 and was a fan favorite and played 325 games for the Blueshirts scoring 122 goals and 133 assists.

Click here to listen live at 9PM or archived podcast later


  1. Great picture, and ladies and gentlemen, my partner and good friend is far too modest, he was the toast of the town last night, fans of our show were stopping him on the street.

    Did you tell Theo he picked a good outfit? LOL!

    Tonight should be a great show


  2. awww.... you guys look so cute together.