Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sean Avery makes Shane O'Brien Lose His Cool, Then Lose His Stick

Things got wild and wooly in Vancouver last night as a mini brawl occurred where the Rangers outnumbered the Canucks 10-7 in players on the ice but for some reason no real beat downs took place.

Soon after that things got real fun when Sean Avery brought the verbal rukus while on the bench when he verbally obliterated Vancouver Canucks Darcy Hordichuk with the following expletive laden talent evaluation of the Canuck forward.

“STFU, You F’N Suck, You’re a F’N Bum Hordichuk, STFU!”

The following clip shows Hordichuk’s teammate Shane O’Brien coming all the way from the defensive side of his own bench to engage Avery in this war or words.

What results is O’Brien losing his cool and losing his stick.

O’Brien then got ejected from the game which resulting in a loss of “man” power for his team, which in essence completed his loser Hat Trick for the night.

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  1. Mouth

    I have figured out the secret. If you say positive things about an opposing team's player, he scores against the Rangers. If you bash a Ranger, and say you are done with him, he will score a goal (Chris Higgins)

    So from now on, I think you need about a 6 or 7 player list every week of Ranger players you want to get rid of.

    This is why we are partners, I'm here for you.


  2. Suggestion on the next 5 Rangers -
    1 - Callahan
    2 - Dubinsky
    3 - Higgins
    4 - Voros
    5 - Boyle

    Gotta spread the love around... ;-)

  3. I hereby rescind the prior comment on #4.
    I really can't defend Voros any longer - he's going to cost us one or more games with his lack of attention to simple details like being responsible for his stick....

    I'd still like to see Boyle score.