Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Mouth's SKYPE Goes FUBAR But Job Gets Done : Radio Interview with Ex- Ranger Kevin Miller

If there's one thing the Mouth hates is dead air and his worst fear came true Tuesday night as his SKYPE connection went FUBAR.

But the Mouth a couple minutes later called back into the show via old school land line and the program from there came off without a hitch.

It was well worth the wait as The Mouth talked to Ex-Ranger Kevin Miller about such subjects as Roger Nielson, The Vukota-Bloomberg Playoff incident, Ranger Flag Football Injuries and playing with three of the best Ranger defenseman in recent Ranger history, Brian Leetch, James Patrick, and Ron Greschner.

When you listen back to the show for godsakes fast forward past the first 5 minutes. LOL. After that it is smooth sailing.


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