Wednesday, November 25, 2009

From Soapy To Nuts : Doug "Soapy" Soetaert Phenomenal In December 12th 1980 Win

The Mouth in order to celebrate the Rangers Seven goal explosion and 7-4 win the other night against the Columbus Blue Jackets on Monday Night has revved up the time machine once again and supplied this gem.

Because this game video is a rare find  indeed.

The reason this particular video is so rare is that it was originally aired on WOR-TV Channel 9 in New York. It was a road game that started at 9:30 PM EST.

Ranger fans in general didn’t video tape most road games especially late starts against weak teams and non-division rivals.

You have to also remember if they did tape it, it was quicky erased when they taped over it to record thier favorite episode of The Greatest American Hero.

The game takes place on December 12th 1980 between our Blueshirts and the now defunct Colorado Rockies. Last week The Mouth featured footage of both these teams squaring off on New years Eve of that year.

This game was played at the empty but vociferous McNichols Sports Arena , in an exciting up and down affair which showcased the talents of Ranger goaltender Doug “Soapy” Soetaert.

Soapy in these days was either hit or miss, and this night he was certainly a hit. He played splendidly  so much so Ranger announcers Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick nearly fell out of the booth singing his praises.

* Look for a Young “Kotsy” doing his impression of Bobby Orr at the 5:30 mark of the Video.


Bernie Nicholls On Blueshirt Banter Radio w/ The Mouth and Jim

Bernie Nicholls was our guest last night on Blueshirt Banter Radio and we had a terrific time as Bernie was a lot of fun and very candid.  Two things we practice and preach on our program.

The Mouth and Bernie engaged in a battle of wills and friendly exchanges on who the better team was in 1994. The Rangers or Bernie’s New Jersey Devils.

We of course know that the Rangers were, but Bernie maintains 15 years later that the Devils were a better club and that Stephane Matteau was in the crease when he scored in Game Seven of that unbelievable Semifinal between both teams.

To Listen to the Archived Show with Bernie Go to the 11/24 Side Panel and click the Second Show down.

Special Blueshirt Banter Radio Show today 5 PM - 7 PM Live Tailgate Broadcast from Tonight's Ranger/Panther Game in Florida.

The Mouth’s co-host Jim Schmiedeberg will be in the parking lot of the Rangers/ Panther game tonight talking to Ranger fans live from the Bank Atlantic Center in Sunrise, Florida.

This is all going to while The Big man runs the show back in NYC. This is Bluehshirt Banter Radios first attempt at a live remote, so it should be a comedy of errors or a fantastic success, there is no middle ground when it comes these live shows.

To Listen To The Archived Live Remote Show Click The Player Below :


  1. With no disrespect to the great guests we've had, I can honestly say Bernie Nicholls was probably our best guest so far. He was entertaining, had some great stories, and was up to the task of some good old fashioned ball busting with Mouth and I. He took it as well as he gave it, not easy to do with the Hall of Fame chop breaking hosts of Blueshirt Banter Radio.

  2. Bernie was an excellent guest - very entertaining.

    As for (LOL!), just send him this link to refresh his memory.

    Matteau wasn't within a stick length of the crease....

  3. but tikkanen may have been