Friday, November 6, 2009

Mouth Asks Ranger Greats Ron Greschner and Gilles Villemure About Their Most Memorable MSG Moments.

The Mouth had a chance to meet and greet two Ranger Greats in Ron Greschner and Gilles Villemure this past week on Monday, November 2nd.

Both of whom have given a solemn oath that they would appear with The Mouth on Blueshirt Banter Radio in the future, which truth be told made The Big Guys week and I’m sure the fans of the Banter show are looking forward to those broadcasts.

The Big man was able to fire off a few questions from the front row at a recent book signing they did in the Big Apple.

One of which was, what was there most favorite memory of playing a Madison Square Garden?

Although, you would think that would be a pretty generic question to ask these two legendary Rangers, the answers proved to much less generic than even The Mouth could have guessed.

The video was shot at a Barnes and Noble in Tribeca in celebration of the release of a fantastic new book entitled 100 Greats that is available everywhere.

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