Monday, November 23, 2009

Five Players Not Worth a Dime : Voros, Rissmiller, Valiquette, Rozsival, Redden.

When you hear the names uttered during a conference call by former Ranger beat writer John Delapina of the New York Daily News way back on July 1st of 2008 it makes you wonder what Glen Sather (aka: The GM For Life) was thinking ?

What planet was Cigar Man on when he signed what turned out quickly to be five of the most unproductive, underachieving Rangers in one fell swoop and in succession?

Even worse what are the odds that all have failed ?

Some teams make one or two bad signings but this is a whole handful of ineptitude. The amazing thing is all of them are still on the current roster after two complete regime changes.

Except for Patrick Rissmiller who has been so awful he couldn't make it under Renney or Tortorella.

Here's The Audio Clip Of Infamy (July 1st Signings 2008)

The Mouth posed the question in an earlier paragraph "What was Slats Thinking?"

The answer is dumbfounding to say the least. In the next Audio clip Sather gives his reasoning for signing Redden and how he will complement Rozsival.

This is an audio clip of Glen Sather's talent evaluation & player assessment of Wade Redden on July 1st 2008

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Bernie Nicholls who spent two seasons in the NHL with the Rangers 1989-90 and 1990-1991 will join The Mouth and Jim Schmiedeberg on Blueshirt Banter radio Tonight at 8 PM. Bernie played almost 18 seasons in the NHL recording over 1200 Points and almost 500 goals. As a Los Angeles King during 1988-89 campaign Bernie scored a unfathomable 70 goals and 80 assists.

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  1. Good luck with the show tonight.
    I'll be ove the Atlatic when this is on so I'll be relying on the podcasts.

    Hopefully schedule works out and I'll be back in the livechat for the next show otherwise I'll be there next week 100%.

    So expect to hear from me really soon.
    Also those audio clips werent working, could just be me though.

    Goodluck, and I'm really looking forward to being able to tune in week to week.

  2. Mouth, Very surprised at you calling out Voros. He is what he is. One things for sure he's "TEAM" player. Who else? stood up to Boll after he destroyed Staal. That's right Voros did and he's stepped in on behalf of his "TEAM" than any other Ranger on this team this year.

    Sorry Big guy have to call you out on this one. More Rangers could learn from him!

  3. Kotsy ,this guy is absolutely horrible, no redeeming quality's. The league is full of team guys, they just don't play on our Rangers. This guys. He cant fight, he bounces off his checks, can't skate.

    We are gonna have to agree to disagree on this one Kotsy. This guy is a straight up bum.

    Hold this guy up to the NHL bar instead of the Ranger bar which is so low as far as "TEAM" goes, the midget from Fantasy Island could fit under it.

  4. Mouth, You still haven't answered my question. Which "Team Guys" Rangers are so in abundance of stepped up to fight Boll? and did it well I might add....That's my whole point they don't have anyone else who's willing to mix it up win or lose. He's done his job. Take the blinders off LOL.

  5. Jonathan glad to hear you are on your way over, we look forward to seeing you next week, and you should definitely call in.

  6. Yes Voros's legendary last stand against Jarred Boll the other night. A act of courage that is right up there with William Wallace's of Braveheart fame.

    Kotsy, if I could find some common ground on this topic, I would. But I hold steadfast in my opinion akin to way the Great Aaron Voros did on that cold November night in 2009 when he slayed the Giant Killer they call Jarred Boll all in the name of "TEAM"