Friday, November 27, 2009

Donald Brashear's Two Day Pugilistic Creature Double Feature : The Big Rig vs. Jared Boll & Steve "Mammoth" MacIntyre

The Big Rig had fights in back to back games and it must have been a good luck charm because the Rangers managed to win both of the games he had tussles in.

The first game took place on November 23rd, 2009 a game which Donald Brashear took on Jared Boll a game which also saw the Rangers actually scoring Seven goals as the Blueshirts had a rare offensive flare up and beat the visiting BJ’s 7-4 at MSG.

Boll hearlier in the period had taken a run at Ranger defensive commodity Marc Staal. “The Don” held Boll accountable (another Ranger rarity this season) and instigated the call to arms and forced Jared Boll to the answer the bell.

The second Big Rig fight shown in this video was a true battle of heavyweights that took place just two days later on November 25th, 2009.

Steve MacIntyre Florida’s resident pugilist, who was just recently called up specifically to deal with other teams enforcers via his skills with is dukes did so this time at Brashear’s expense. It wasn’t difficult to ascertain that at some point of the game that these two behemoths would lock up.

When they did it was battle of position and strength. Brashear began with some forays to the side of MacIntyres head and helmet.

But not much evolved until MacIntye delivered Two gut wrenching body shots to The Big Rig's stomach.

The first one winded Brashear, but The Big Rig pressed on, However, the second body shot delivered by the 6”6 265 mastadon MacIntyre forced Donald to take a knee.

The punch that he received was so hard it  knocked the The Big Rig's wind completely out of him.

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