Friday, November 13, 2009

Donald Brashear Sends Out Invite For Engagement Party and Eric Boulton RSVP's

The Big Rig returned to the lineup after sitting out several games with a mystery ailment that the Mouth reliable sources said were migraines suffered ironically after Brashear’s fight against Colton Orr on October 12th.

A month later on November 12th a full month later The Big Rig tangled with Atlanta Thrashers Eric Boulton.

The fight was extremely long and drawn out. There is no doubt that both these combatants are in terrific shape and it proved to be a very interesting fight that ebbed and flowed.

The Mouth of course lends his unique brand of commentary during this very long hookup between Brashear and Boulton.

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  1. This reminds me of the fight Orr had with Boulton last season. Boulton took a beating and just kept the fight going...