Thursday, November 19, 2009

Bill "The Big Whistle" Chadwick Family Man : Recent Photo's of Bill Before His Passing

The Mouth would first like to thank Matt Kolon, Bill Chadwick's Grandson for allowing him and giving him permission to post these family photo's of the "Big Whistle" having fun with his great grandsons and other loved ones.

These photo's should bring a tear to any Ranger fans face that remember Bill as a big part of their TV childhood.

The Mouth also asked Former Rangers Ron Greschner and Gilles Villemure about there experiences with Bill at a recent book signing they did for the fantastic book 100 Ranger Greats available in stores now.


We also Talked To Ex- Ranger Darren Turcotte for an hour on Blueshirt Banter Radio and also spun recent tales of woe talking Ranger Hockey. You can hear it all here :

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