Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Big Bad Bruins and Tort's Failure In Coveying the "Safe Is Death" Credo

The Mouth welcomed author Jay Moran author of the Book The Rangers, The Bruins, The End of an Era.

Jay Interviewed almost 50 players on both sides and gave the low down on the rivalry between the Rangers and The Big Bad Bruins.

The Mouth and his callers also discussed the recent offensive woes and tried to dissect what exactly is the cause of the Rangers recent power outage on offense and in the standings.


  1. Fantastic show as always. Were you really posting this at 5:20 AM? You sir, are a credit to our craft.


  2. yeah got up with the wife and was up , when she left went back to sleep lol

  3. hey mouth!! great show buddy! keep up the good work