Saturday, November 21, 2009

Barry Beck Checks Lanny McDonald Into Time Square New Years Eve 1980

The Mouth thinks this is a great clip from just the standpoint the game takes place on New Years Eve 1980.

Imagine going to the game then afterward going to Times Square to ring in 1981 after seeing the Rangers lose 6-4 to the woeful Rockies?

The Mouth would to have drowned himself in Reunite on Ice and Chocodiles to ease that kinda pain.

The game features a mammoth check by Barry Beck on Hall of Famer Lanny McDonald who for some reason "Bubba" had a career grudge against.

The Ranger players must have dreaded playing this game for weeks, with Studio 54 just a cab drive away to party hardy at and they have to play he silly Colorodo Rockies in front of nobody. I can almost hear Espo still complaining 30 years later.

Another feature in this video is a rare glimpse of the famous Wayne Thomas "Big Apple Mask" that the goaltender wore in his last seasons as a Ranger.

One other thing to take notice of is Wayne's number. Wayne was the last player to wear Eddie Giacomin's #1 before it was retired.

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