Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Anders Hedberg Unheralded Ranger : 1983 Playoff "Smurf" Sweep Of Flyers

Anders Hedberg was an unheralded Ranger in a lot of  ways as far as The Mouth is concerned. When Anders and his linemate Ulf Nilsson were signed by the Bluehsirts for 2.4 Million dollars in 1978 with much ballyhoo, the NHL was a much different place then it is today.

The NHL had a very xenophobic attitude toward players from foreign countries. This was the case with owners, general managers and even the players themselves. Anders gave it 100%  every night and scored a lot of big playoff goals for the Rangers.

The following clip took place on April 5th, 1983 during a preliminary  playoff contest between the Rangers and Philadelphia Flyers at the old Spectrum. This is Ranger “Smurf” hockey at it’s finest as Anders leads the way in frustrating the Flyers with speed and skill.

The game also features a young  and very green Mike “Doc” Emrick in his first year as a NHL play by play man. Since this is the Flyers feed like many of these clips previously have documented, we of course are treated to the whining of the Flyers color men.

This time the culprit is Bobby “The Chief” Taylor who now presently does his whining during Tampa Bay Lightning broadcasts.

The Rangers would go on to win this game 5-3 and went on to sweep this 1982-83 best of five playoff series against Philly 3-0.

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  1. Thanks Mouth for all the early 80's footage. I taped dozens of Ranger games dating 1980-84 as a new fan from Alaska that were accidently thrown away in the early 90's.

  2. Ah - what memories.

    That team was probably one or two upgraded players from making real noise in the playoffs.

    Watching that clip makes Hedberg look a lot like Gaborik (or vice-versa) doesn't it?

    Ron Greschner down low looking for rebounds - as was Tommy Laidlaw. Mark Pavelich. Eddie Johnstone.

    And a young Andy Van Hellemond as the ref.

    Thanks for posting that.

  3. Well Anon, MY heart sank when you said those videos got thrown out for both you and me. I would have loved to have traded for those games !

    DB People forget The Smurfs were exciting and productive, the only problem is they ran into the "Buzzsaw" Hempstead club which obilterated them in the playoffs every year.

  4. My god, the Rangers are getting to rebounds! Get this tape to Torts!
    Emrick sounds like Big Bird calling this game... that guy just gets worse every year, doesn't he? Anyway I can't wait to hear the show Friday with Theo!