Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Wednesday Radio Action 9-11 PM The Mouth Talks To NYR beat writer Rick Carpiniello

Sienfeld aficionado and New York Ranger beat writer extraordinaire Rick Carpiniello joins The Mouth on his Blueshirt Banter Radio program tonight to discuss the current state of the Rangers and the overall mood of this team so far this season.

Carp is a fantastic guy and he and the Mouth's first on-air encounter was a rousing success.

The Mouth other guest is the one and only Mitch Beck. Mitch is a fantastic blogger for the Hartfood Wolf Pack Blog "Howlings."  Mitch is an expert on everything Wolfpack.

This is going to be an informative and fun show. We take your calls all night as usual at (347) 857-2090

The show starts tonight at 9PM. Wednesday October 21st.

Click here to listen


  1. Another show in the books, I'll be listening to tonights broadcast on podcast. Good luck with it.

    Seinfeld was such a great show though. Perfect way to recover from a Rangers loss.

    I hope Don fights this week so I can get my G.I Joe Headstomp intro, Maybe then we can do a nice Cro Mags intro. Sound good?

  2. You bet, You pick the Cro-Mag song and I will add it to the next big rig fight

  3. Gotta be Hard Times.
    Never Surrender, Never Go Down.

    Good intro, Good Chorus, Just a real hard song.
    I just hope Brashear tears someone apart for it.

    There is a saying here, "Rough as guts" I think Brashear fits into that catagory.