Friday, October 16, 2009

Ron Duguay On Canuck Version Of Dancing With The Stars : Battle Of The Blades TV

There are few things that leave The Mouth speechless and this clip was one. The Big man will leave you good people and resident wise crackers of Ranger Crisis to be the judge and jury on this one.

I know the ladies will like it, The clip is from a CBC show called “Battle Of The Blades”, which apparently is our neighbors to the north answer to the United States television hit “Dancing with the Stars.”

Frankly, The Mouth doesn’t know what to make of this. The only thing he does know, is that we must get Ron Duguay’s best buddy Chris “Kotsy” Kotsopoulos's take on Doogs' performance in this ice rink dance contest !


  1. What the hell is going on with this organization lately?

    "I like to smile"

    "I like Saks Fifth Avenue"

    "Flavor Explosion in my Mouth"

    "Intent to Blow"

    "Battle of the Blades"

    It's like the entire organization and its history are being remade by Kids in the Hall

  2. Just gotta say - love the new additions to the intro - especially "pouring the Kool-Aid" ROFL!

  3. Duguay doesn't surprise me when he does dumb shit like this. I just think back to the clip you showed us of him and Kathy Lee basically dry humping each other. But what in god's name is Ron MacLean doing on this show????
    I would also like to say, I agree with dbmaven... the new additions are great. The only thing I miss is seeing Orr knocking out Fedoruk.

  4. Thank db and Jayson for digging the new intro. I'm kinda resistant to change but I needed to update the clips just because Orr is not with the team, and yes Jayson that laying out of Fedoruk by Orr clip was hard to cut.

    Just because of the fact it was so devastating and mainly because we finally had a Flyer lying, twitching on the ice and not the other way around for a change.

    The Kool aid clip was a must and makes me laugh every time, but my favorite new part is me pointing to the Islanders inflatable Kids jumper toy that is deflating right before our eyes, while Four goober Islander fans try to hold it up.

    Talk about symbolism.

  5. In my next life, I want to be Ron Duguay.