Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Rangers Revisit Mausoleum Tonight : Mouth Revisits Awful Islander Mausoleum Carnival.

I saw it fit to air the outake footage of my most commented clip here at Ranger Crisis in lieu of The Rangers first regular season game against the Islanders tonight. The original clip can be seen on Ranger Crisis Show #50.

If you want to find Show #50 quickly just look on the red sidebar of this page under the Radio Player. Just Click the picture of Brian Trottier eating nachos and you can view it.

These clips came to be when I couldn’t resist going to the Islanders John Tavares draft party over the summer. The Mausoleum I knew would be comedy central and I just couldn’t turn a blind eye to all that comedy fodder that the Isles building and their fans provide.

Any event the Islanders put together has the look and feel of an awful traveling carnival, complete with defective rides, crappy prizes and creepy carny folk. All the vital components that "excite" the 50 person Islander fan base to intermingle with each other.


  1. Mouth..great job yet again..laugh my butt off. It's nice to know I'm not the only Rangers fan who still revels in Icelander misery. 1983!!!!!

  2. Thanks Guys, I appreciate it.

    When K.C has the #1 Pick next year I will be there too. Although the Leafs may give them a run for their money

  3. Chocolate pucks .. that must be what the Islanders practice with.

  4. and after watching that game, I think our defense is made out of chocolate.

  5. Wazz,

    Islanders won the battles for the first two periods. Isles were gassed in the third and the Rangers couldn't complete a pass down low in front of the net. Rozy's play that lead to the Juan Tavares goal was putrid. But there will growing pains with this team. but the lack of effort was worrisome.