Friday, October 30, 2009

Phil Esposito Performs The Worst Hockey Song Ever Written : The Hockey Sock Rock

This clip of Phil Esposito performing “The Hockey Sock Rock" on Alan Thicke’s Thicke of The Night Show in 1980 really should have been immediately bulk erased by the production company and the fact that someone actually taped it for posterity sakes absolutely frightens me.

It’s not that Espo’s voice is unbearable, it’s the lyric’s which include such as lines like “You’re My cookie, You’re my rah-rah rookie.” that simply have you wondering what they were smoking when they wrote this colossal piece of schlock.

Adding insult to injury the performance, the video has three backup singers that join Phil. Alan Thicke himself and two other pioneers of late 70’s early 80 cheese, The Unknown Comic of “Gong Show” fame and Gil Gerard who at the time starred on NBC’s “Buck Rogers in the 25the Century”

This an all-timer as far as what used to pass as entertainment In the early 80's.


  1. Best song ever .. I am gonna put this on CD and drive around town with it on full blast... don't deny it, you are jealous.