Tuesday, October 20, 2009

More Mouth For The Money.. The Mouth Joins Blueshirt Banter Radio On Permanent Basis

The Mouth will be moving his Internet radio show to Blueshirt Banter Radio. What does this mean ?  This easy FAQ has been developed just for you the Ranger Crisis.com viewer and listener.

1. Radio Shows will no longer be called Ranger Crisis Radio. All broadcasts will cease, using that name.

2. The new name of the show will be called Blueshirt Banter Radio w/The Mouth

3. Ranger Crisis.com the website will remain exactly the same in content and in name, just the Radio Program is being renamed.

4. The Mouth will now appear as cohost on the Blueshirt Banter Radio program that airs every Tuesday 8-10 PM w/ Jim Schmeideberg.

5. The Mouth and Mandar will continue their show on Wednesday's 9-11PM with no format change whatsoever.

This was primarily done for the fans, to give the most continuity of coverage and help both programs resolve any conflicts we might have in booking guests. This also helps us in making it more flexible in accommodating for potential guests in the future, now that we are running two shows on consecutive days.

Scheduled for Tuesday's Blueshirt Banter Radio show 8-10 PM - Jim Schmiedeberg and The Mouth talk to Puck Daddy from Yahoo Sports.

Blueshirt Banter w/ Jim and Mouth ! on Blog Talk Radio Scheduled for Wednesdays show 9-11 PM - The Mouth talks with Rick Carpiniello, Ranger beat writer and Mitch Beck, Hartford Wolfpack expert who blogs for "Howlings."


  1. Oh yeaaaaaah, Twice the weekly chance to drink the Kool-aid.

  2. You know it Jon. I think you are really going to enjoy the new setup, and we're going to have a lot of fun. I am absolutely thrilled at the opportunity to work with Mouth in a more permanent arrangement.


  3. Mouth, any way you can bring up the Petition by Upstate Ranger fans to get the Sabres off of MSG there? Utica and Albany have been broadcasted the Rangers for 30 years and now in home and home conflicts with the Sabres, the Sabres are shown. Tons of people of pissed, and heres the petition.

    70 signatures in a day and going strong.


  4. Mouth!

    I've been meaning to wish you congratulations on this, so here it is! CONGRATS! It's really cool to see sites like Ranger Crisis and The Rangers Tribune (my two favorites) grow since they started, and since I started reading them. I actually go to those sites before I go to the New York Post or Newsday sites for news. This site is great for history and hilarity and The Rangers Tribune is good for lots of day to day things. And you both know your stuff (but what else would you expect from a Rangers fan). Also, keep in mind, even when I'm not commenting, it isn't because I'm not reading or watching! So from one obsessed fan to another... congrats and THANK YOU!