Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Donald Brashear vs. Colton Orr Fight Video : Round One/ Ranger Crisis Radio Tonight @ 9PM

On July 1st  2009 Colton Orr took the first  train out of New York for a four year deal with the Leafs and frankly who can blame him. That fueled the Rangers to quickly sign free agent and then Ranger super villain Donald Brashear as his replacement.

The signing of Brashear as you know split the sometime fickle Ranger Nation into two camps with some fans refusing to ever support The Big Rig in his pugilistic endeavors, despite him wearing the jersey of the team they cheer for.

Well, part one of the infamous and long awaited tussle happened on October 12th 2009. Don’t for a minute think the dust has settled concerning these two, Brashear and Orr get another chance to hookup when the Rangers play the leafs this Saturday October 17th.

The Mouth as always supplies his commentary on the video of the fight and it’s pretty obvious who he is rooting for. 

Ranger Crisis Radio # 15    

Tonight 9-11PM

Join us immediately following the game as we discuss what happened in the King game tonight as well as discuss the current state of the Rangers. Also, our  favorite thing of all, taking your phone calls !

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  2. Hey mouth, Jon from Australia.
    Another great video, I'm really liking Brashear fighting for us this year. I never boo'd him so I can say that.

    I always hear SOIA's Clobbering time start up every time I hear someone say that phrase.

  3. Good video as usual Mouth.

    If Orr wants to get a decisive win over Brashear this season he's going to have to sacrifice some skating speed and bulk up. When Orr first came to the Rangers he was over 220lbs and was able to outmuscle the majority of his opponents. Then the NYRs wanted him to lose some weight so he could improve his skating.

    I still think he is one of the top 3 fighters in the business but he needs to pack a little more muscle back onto that frame. Seeing him now vs when he came to NY at first I'd be surprised if he was a pound over 210.

  4. Jon, it's so funny you said that I am a big fan of SOIA and that first album "Blood, Sweat and No Tears" where clobberin time appears. Tha album is killer. I've seen SOIA three or 4 times. Next video I will say " G.I Joe Headstomp" perhaps?

    Good point PC on Orr. he does look a little lean, especially toe 2 toe against Brashear. I agree with you, he's got the multi-year deal with the Leafs time for him to put on some muscle. Excellent amalysis.

  5. Great fight, and I love seeing Brashear get the cheers when it was all said and done.

  6. Yep, I'm a big SOIA fan as well. I seen them a few years back when they toured here. One of the NYHC greats. Blood, sweat and No tears is one of the best LP's.

    Who is the band you use for the Radio intro?

  7. My friend Billy Milano's band M.O.D of S.O.D fame

    The song is called Rally NYC from one of their best albums IMO Rhythm of Fear

  8. SOD, I'm guessing you mean the Stormtroopers of death. There was an old Melbourne band that covered United forces, A little before my time but they were great in their hayday.

    If there's one think I like talking about other than Hockey, Its hardcore bands.

    I know when I heard the intro to your show the first time, then after a few shows I figured you must have some tie with Hardcore music. The way you like to stir the pot and rattle cages reminds me of Paul Bearer of Sheer Terror. Its great.