Sunday, September 20, 2009

The Russians Are Coming ! Sippin Kool Aid.. Splashin Vodka

The Mouth as you know has been drinking the Ranger Prospect Kool-Aid by the gallon of late and from what he sees so far in the pre-season, it is the To Russia with Love flavor he likes best.

The Russian Rifleman Evegeny Grachev has been outstanding and equally so has been Rushkie Ranger centerman Artem Anisimov who showed off some awesome moves in the following video.

So Much so, The Mouth may trade his Kool-Aid for Vodka as Artem Anisimov demonstrated an out of this world move against Bruin defender Jeff Penner and finished it off with an outstanding juke to beat Boston Goaltender Tim Thomas in a preseason game that took place on June 19th 2009.

We all know you have to take Pre-season games with a grain of salt, but in The Mouth’s opinion, just seeing a Ranger player capable enough to pull off these type of nifty maneuvers is something to jump up and take notice of. This type of showmanship of skill by a Blueshirt has been barren since Jaromir Jagr left for the KHL.

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