Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ranger Crisis Radio # 9 : Rapid Fire Ranger Roundup Show

Tonight you the fan were the star of the show, and you should be used to it because you have been the star of every show since show ONE.

The Mouth as well as his most learned co-host Mandar, held what we like to call in these parts a "Rapid Fire Ranger Roundup Show." Crisis Radio fans were put to the test by having to answer five questions in a quick succinct fashion. The Five questions are listed below.

Most succeeded some struggled, but every bit of it was fun. Those who weren't able to call in their answers to the "Big Five" via telephone had their answers read directly from their favorite forums including Hockey's Future and Outside The Garden. The discussion was both frantic and frenetic both on the air and off, as the Ranger Crisis Radio Chatroom was hopping.

These were the questions that were asked.

1. Why is our team going to be better than they were last season?

2. What part of our team scares the hell out of you this season?

3. Every year there are players that break onto the scene as all-stars or even superstars. Sometimes they’re rookies that are expected to be great, sometimes they are rookies that shock the world and sometimes they’re younger players that simply come into their own. Who is someone on the Rangers that we should look to have a breakout season?

4. We all know that watching a team for 82 games, you start to appreciate things that casual fans won’t necessarily know. Who’s the guy on the Rangers that doesn’t get nearly the respect that he deserves?

5. If you were throwing down some serious money, how do you think the final standings of the Atlantic Division will shake out? More importantly, which teams do you think are going to make the playoffs from the Atlantic?

The last 45 minutes of the show was spent having an in-depth discussion with an attempt on whittling down a list of the top Ranger fighters of all-time.

The Crisis Bruise Brothers , Dagoon and Joe Tucc joined The Mouth to gab about the likes of Joe Kocur, Nick Fotiu,Tie Domi, Rudy Poeschek, Chris Nilan and Barry Beck strictly from the pugilistic point of view.

Great Show and A Must Listen

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  1. Enjoy the podcasts mouth, but easy on the Asian comments...there are lots of good Asian NHL/Rangers fans, (myself included) and there's no reason to alienate them.

    Keep up the good work!

    Big T