Monday, September 21, 2009

Ranger Mascot Tryouts !

The Mouth feels compelled right off the bat to let his Rangers Crisis fans know that the following clip is a comedy piece. He felt it necessary to immediately talk you off the ledge before you got to the images of a Park Ranger Bob or some goofy Blueshirt version of the Islanders old mascot Niles.

The latter Ranger version he imagines could often be seen slapping hands with Ranger fans during games to basically distract people from the two minute frustrations we Ranger fans call a Power Play.

It is an interesting concept however, though it would never work, not in NYC that’s for sure.

The poor son of a gun in the Mascot suit would end up taking the brunt of every Ranger fan frustration and would have a target on his back a mile wide for every verbal assault in the book a Ranger ticket holder crowd could think of.

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