Thursday, September 10, 2009

Ranger Crisis Radio Show #10 with Ex- New York Ranger Rick "Nifty" Middleton

If you know your Ranger history dating back to the mid 1970's you know that during that time the Rangers made the worst trade ever in their history. Unfortunately, the Blueshirts dealt Rick Middleton for an aging Bruin in Ken Hodge.

Rick turned out to be a helluva a hockey player who played in 881 games scored 402 goals and had 416 assists after the deal exclusively for the Bruins. Ken Hodge who we got in exchange for Middleton played TWO seasons with the Rangers netted 23 goals and was eventually sent down to the minors then unceremoniously retired.

Rick spent almost an hour talking to the The Mouth about some fantastic stuff !

1) The Cheap Lady Byng Plaque he received from the NHL.

2) New York Post headline was Key to him being Traded away from Rangers.

3) Rick tells story of how Don Cherry made him a two way player.

After The Mouth got done with the fun and informative interview with Rick Middleton Ranger Crisis callers engaged in another Ranger Crisis Rapid Fire Round Up this time with the questions revolving around Henrik Lundqvist.

These were the questions asked :

1) Do you think Henrik is overworked ? If not why? And If so how many games would you like see him play this upcoming season in order to be more productive ?

2) Do you think Lundqvist experience winning a gold medal for Sweden factors into his ability to help the Rangers win a Stanley Cup ?

3) Henrik gets paid a ton of Cash almost 7 million per year, could the Rangers be better served with a 3 million dollar goalie and the 4 million spent elsewhere ?

4) Put the following Ranger goaltenders in order on pure ability. Give brief explanations why ?

Mike Richter
John Vanbiesbrouck
Henrik Lundqvist

You can Listen to the archived show here

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