Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ranger Crisis Radio # 11 The Cuts, The Guts, The Passion

The Mouth was scheduled to have Hockey's Future Ranger beat writer Leslie Treff on as his guest. But Leslie took ill and has been rescheduled for Thursday, October 1st the night before the Rangers opening game. You fans that visit Hockey's Future and read her blog, should visit and wish her well. She's a good egg.

A solid two hours of passionate Ranger talk took place Thursday night on Ranger Crisis Radio as fans called in to express their views on the direction of team after Thursday's cuts were announced.

Some opinions were controversial but that's how like it, but just be sure you come correct and bring the moxie with you to back your point of view up.

Not every caller agreed with each other. Which in the Mouths mind makes for good radio. Two hours of Ranger discussion that you will never ever hear in or on Traditional media.

Check it out !


  1. Can't wait for the show sir, always a great time

  2. "I say - are ya gettin' any o' this son?"

    Redden and Rozsival:
    see - nothin.wav

  3. ok cool I will upload it for the next show

  4. I figured you'd like that one ! LOL !