Monday, September 14, 2009

Pat LaFontaine Got Amnesty. Best Ranger Power Play Effort Of The Last 15 Years !

Old Islander ill will dies hard admittedly for The Mouth. It may be the goofy logo on the Isles jersey, the crumbling concrete slab they play in with no tradition or personality, traits that have pretty much existed despite NVMC being home to Four Stanley Cup banners since The Big Man has been following the sport.

It could even be that annoying nasally voice of an old Islander color man named Ed Westfall echoing in the Mouth memory banks that continues to fuel the fire of old hatred for a once bitter rival. It’s probably a lot of things, stuff most likely that only The Mouth and his therapist know about.

Never is the Mouth as well as other Ranger fans more torn with disdain for the Islanders and their love for the Blueshirts than when a player who has once suited up initially for the Hempstead club has eventually through happenstance become a Ranger.

It a tough pill to swallow for sure, especially for any Ranger fans who lived through the 1980’s on Long Island. The Mouth can count on one hand how many Isle/Rangers he has actually liked after it was all said and done.

This video features a goal highlight from 1997 of one of those players that The Mouth has given his Ranger fan favor to in the past, Pat LaFontaine. This might be because Pat after starting with the Isles played for the Buffalo Sabres for six seasons before becoming a Ranger.

But what it really is, it's that Pat LaFontaine produced on the ice as a Ranger and while doing it, showed a passion for hockey that we as Ranger fans only get rare glimpses at. Pat had to hang up the skates after one year with the Rangers because of concussion syndrome.

The Mouth believes that most Rangers fans would agree that it would have been a pleasure to have seen him continue playing at MSG and finishing his career as a Broadway Blue.

The Second Part of the video comes from a game that was played against the Florida Panthers on November 18th, 1997. The Mouth believes this is the best Power Play effort and result the Rangers have had in the last fifteen years, so he is providing it to the Ranger Crisis viewer as video evidence that a great Ranger Power Play effort and goal does indeed exist post 1994. The goal comes from an unlikely source in Niklas Sundstrom.

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