Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The Mouth Talks Puck In Chi-Town. Original Six Bondage

Recently, The Mouth visited Chicago and anyone that knows The hefty one from his previous work knows that seeking out anything Hockey related is put on the same high priority list as is stuffing his face with a Chicago style Lou Malnati pizza. The video was originally done for and it is the first video ever shown on Ranger Crisis not laden with exclusively Ranger content.

The Mouth new certain things were tangible and would easily be able to see. The Big man got his first gander at the United Center which is located in a war zone on the west side of Chicago. The mouth suggests if you make the trek down there in the off season you go during the day and bring friends.

The Crisis crew,which included The Mayor, Vinny Vasalino and cameraman Charlie Asti Spumante were half expecting Bad Bad Leroy Brown to accost them as they shot video of an awesome monument honoring the Blackhawks 75th anniversary in the league. On the other side of that monument is a great plaque that pays tribute to Chicago Stadium and lists every Hawk Player to ever suit up and play there. The Mouth was fortunate to see a game in the old Chicago Stadium “The Building that Roared” and he can definitively corroborate that the place was hands down the loudest NHL arena ever.

The Mouth was extremely excited about the things he was able to see that were permanent fixtures and that he knew would be there, but what the big guy was after was much bigger game an intangible of sorts the Blackhawk fan themselves.

Contrary to what is written about The Mouth in the celebrity gossip columns, The Mouth is indeed a people person and can talk NHL hockey with just about anybody face to face sans the delusional Islander fan. The first problem The Mouth had was finding a Hawk fan that was willing to talk hockey was the climate. It was late July 2009 when he and his camera man Charlie Asti Spumante hit the bricks of Chi-Town looking for Blackhawk fans ,and let me tell you something for realz folks, there aren’t too many people wearing their Blackhawk jerseys in the scorching 90 degree heat in Chicago.

But keeping with The Mouth's tradition, he succeeded where others have failed and managed to interview not one but TWO Hawk fans. It’s all captured here on this video. The video is not abut the Rangers but it's about our Original six brothers the Chicago Blackhawks and their fans but More importantly HOCKEY with history.

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